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Repost from @17thsoulja5 on Instagram: “I'm not a religious person but from an organizational stand point the Nation of Islam has an…” using @RepostRegramApp - I'm not a religious person but from an organizational stand point the Nation of Islam has an effective business model for #blackliberation . Ideology aside can you name one organization that has done a better job in cultivation of black leaders with a race first mentality ? I've personally worked with the #NOI on many occasions and can't say I've encountered a level of professionalism and military like way of going about task then they do . @louisfarrakhan #17thsoulja #BlackIg17th If a civil war breaks out the NOI will be the most prepared black organization . I'd go to a mosque before I ever set foot in a Fema camp 🌚

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#Author #journalist #philosophy #teacher and #television host Louis Lomax was born in #August of 1922. Louis gained national attention for being selected to interview #MalcolmX and other leaders of the Nation if #Islam when they refused to be interviewed by a white man. This led to Louis becoming the first Black journalist to obtain his own bi-weekly 90 minute show. Louis, spoke up for #equalrights, provided a voice that was sorely lacking and opened doors for black television journalist today. We thank Mr Lomax for his #courage to take a stand and tell it like it is. For exposing the nation to Brother Malcolm X and being for above all else being a symbol of #BlackExcellence and a voice of the people. #noi #blackexcellence #knowyourhistory #change #grindout #tv #history #africanamericanhistory #blackman #africa #africanamerican #60s #icon

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