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18.1 at @crossfitivy this morning 😮 ————————————————— Can’t wait to throw down with all the guys at the box 😊😊😊😊😊🧔🏻 ————————————————— # #crossfit #crossfituk #crossfitgames #crossfitopen #crossfitregionals #crossfitter #crossfitathlete #crossfitgymnastic #crossfitapparel #crossfitmen #crossfitgirls #crossfitlifestyle #crossfitlife #crossfitaddict #oly #olympicweightlifting #olympicweightlifter #weightlifting #weightlifter

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Rocket Fuel This is a fantastic new delivery of coffee from @pactcoffee and it tastes incredible. Perfect pre-workout.

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Great competition for @saritkalo 6/6 Snatch 73✔76✔78✔ Clean&jerk 93✔97✔100✔ Total 178kg ... תחרות גביע ישראל עם הבנות הכי חזקות בארץ שרית סיימה 6 כניסות מתוך 6 בתוצאה 78 הנפה ו 100 דחיקה ובקרב 2 עם 178 קג. ... אני רוצה להודות למאמנת של נבחרת ישראל לנשים ויקטוריה גלפנד שעושה עבודה יפה עם הבנות בחודשים האחרונים. מאמנת שכיף להיות בחברתה, נטולת אגו ועם המון ידע ןמקצועיות על זה אני רוצה לומר שרק תעלו ותצליחו אמן ואמן ❤. #weightlifting #olympicweightlifting #snatch #clean #jerk #israel #liftingweights #crossfitter #wod #workouts #מאמןאישי #אימוניםאישיים

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Comment from M V R C K ™:

“I don’t count my sit ups; I only start counting when it starts hurting because they’re the only ones that count.” Muhammad Ali . . . Join the team. Link in bio. #mvrcksg #teammvrck #comingsoon

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Comment from CrossFit Staines Town:

Deano 300kg Rack Pulls. Chatter by @ryder.michelle ・・・ Deano locking out 300kg in preparation for the Car Deadlift for his 1st Inters Level Strongman on the Saturday of Body Power - its a high start lift so relevant and it also builds trap and back strength.

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Comment from Daniel Vong S&C:

W1D6: Lower Body Day . For now, my 6th training day of the week is optional and if I do train, I have fun and add in a few accessories to work on weaknesses. . Trained at the dungeon @adonisathleticsgranville w/ @phillippt_ . Swipe ⬅️⬅️⬅️ 1) Power Snatch: 50kg 3x3, 60kg 2x2, 70kg x1, 75kg 2x1 (miss) [Last 3 sets shown] . - First time pulling from the floor in months, so it took some time to feel familiar again. - Failed 75kg twice and that's okay, I reflected and evaluated after every lift today and I took a few lessons from it moving forward. . 2) Power Clean + Split Jerk: 70kg 2x2+1 . - Same thing here, everything felt unfamiliar. . 3) Close Stance Back Squat: 50kg 3x10 4) Good Morning: 40kg 3x10 5) Side Plank: 2x30s . First week of this training block is finally done. I need to eat and sleep more. . 12 weeks out... #tempusbarbell

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Squat waves; (87 i video) Every 2:30 min -3 Front squat +6 back squats 80 kg -3 Front sqaut+6 back squat 84 kg -3 Front squat+6 back squat 87 kg -3 Front squat+6 back squat 90 kg -3 Front squat+6 back squat 94 kg -3 Front squat+6 back squat 100 kg Dernæst: Barbell cycling shoulder Press, push Press, push jerks, Thrusters Billede 1 roning, Burpee over the rower og OHS #crossfit #frontsquat #olympicweightlifting

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Nyder noget tid med min ven/kollega/sparringspartner. Bliver spændene at se hvornår det nye familie medlem beslutter dig for at dukke op ;-) Først:5x3 reps for teknik Tall squat cleans sluttede på 55 kg Dernæst: 100 DU 10 R.MU (6-4) 80 DU 8 R.MU (5-3) 60 DU 6 R.MU (4-2) 40 DU 4 R.MU (unbroken) 20 DU 2 R.MU (unbroken) Snatch waves: 1 min; 3 reps; 65 kg 2 min; 2 reps; 68 kg 3 min; 1 rep; 70 kg 1 min; 3 reps 68 kg 2 min; 2 reps 70 kg 3 min; 1 reps 73 kg 1 min; 3 reps 70 kg 2 min; 2 reps 73 kg 3 min; 1 rep 76 kg Afslutning; 5 KM ro Not for time: #Crossfit #snatch #olympicweightlifting

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0-7 min find tungeste 1’er i OHS 45,50,55,60,65,70,75,80kg 7-14 min find en medium tung teknisk snatch balance med fokus på at droppe uden at sætte bevægelse igang opadgående; 40-45-50-52,5-55-57,5-60 kg High hang squat snatch waves; 55-57,5-60 kg 57,5-60-62,5 kg 62,5-65-67,5 kg Måtte lige prøve 70 kg da det føltes bedre og bedre. Wod: 9-15-21 C2B pull ups BFB OHS 42,5 kg #olympicweightlifting #gettingstronger #crossfit

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Opvarmning: 30 MU på tid Derefter clean complex og sluttede af med at teste på en 1’.... føles godt i dag så måtte prøve. Workout: 3 runder 15 pull pull ups 12 OTBBurpees 9 squat cleans 60 kg PR er i squat clean som for mig stadig er et dybt power clean med en font squat, dog var det mindre mekanisk i video med sort trøje fra i dag end fra rød trøje fra i start juli i år. 102,5 kg PR Og PR i clean complex på 90 kg. #olympicweightlifting #crossfit #gymnastics #muscleup

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