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Comment from victoria dyer:

Since im up north visiting my family I'll be doing most of my workouts from home💪 Yesterday I hit a few heavy leg exercises (just forgot to post) Todays workout. Shoulders and legs 🔹warmed up with shoulder press (resistance bands) 🔹shoulder press straightbar 4x2 🔹single arm reardelt flys 4x12 🔹ketelbel upright rows 3x10 🔹single arm ketelbel upright row 3x10 🔹front raise 4x12 🔹kick backs 4x12 🔹ketelbel squats 4x12 🔹straight leg deadlift 4x12 🔹split lundges 3x12

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Comment from Helyn Akranis:

Does anybody else love stickie notes so much that they decorate the outside of their computer with notes? NO ok just me 😳🤦🏻‍♀️

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Comment from marigaby:

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Comment from M A I H E R R Á N M.:

. 🙌Y de la manera más serena te sientes infinitamente FELIZ😍 . 🤓Comprendiendo el "porqué" de muchos "para qué "👊💗✨ #purposes 🙏 . #onlyme & #mydreams 🌬️ [19.02.18]

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Comment from ARISS MTH:

โอเคในจุดที่เรายืน ดีกว่ายอมฝืนในจุดที่ไม่ใช่เรา. #onlyme #vsco #darkphoto

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