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Positive thoughts, choose how you want to feel. Work life balance is always I feel evolving and a process, but choosing to take time for looking after yourself and your health will help you feel strong and positive. Take action and make it a lifestyle.✨At the wellness circle we offer wellness at work through Onsite massage helping staff feel deeply relaxed and focused. Contact me directly for more information ✨.

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Is it your turn next? 👐🏼 Book now! ➡️ link in bio

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A decompression of the atlanto-occipital joint on the ergonomic chair used in On Site Massage. Very useful for headaches. Master chair massage techniques in this book: ➡️ 🌼 By Elefteria, a skilled Thai Massage instructor. Demonstrates 80+ techniques, and will take your chair massage treatments to another level! FREE Kindle with Paperback. $7,00 ONLY! #chairmassage #seatedmassage #MassageTherapy #onsite #onsitemassage #DeepTissueMassage #RemedialMassage #alternativemedicone #holistichealing #booklover #writersofinstagram #NonFiction #osteopathy #chiro #chiroppractor #spineadjustments #headache #BackPain #spineworks

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