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Comment from Gitanjali Sharma:

Why eat over ripe Banana?? 1-Easy to digest(Etylene,an enzyme present breaks down starch in raw banana to simpler sugar.) Oh wait!this doesnt increase the sugar content🤣 2-More antioxidants,than raw ones.Believed to counter #cancer 3- Sweeter,so u dont't hv to add sugar 4-A powerhouse of vitamins nd minerals ,hence best option for workout buddies 5-Awesome face mask since it hs antioxidants #overripe #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #weightlossjourney #workoutmotivation #vitamins #minerals #fitnessmyths #stop #waste #bepositive #penny #wise #caloriecounting #calories #myth #bust

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Comment from Eden:

Ulu brownies... or something like that. My first attempt... all by eye and feel: 2 medium overripe Ulu scraped and blended, 6 eggs, 1/3 cup cocoa powder, 3 tsps baking powder, about 1/2 cup of coconut oil and about a cup of melted semi sweet chocolate, folded together and baked at 350 for about 45 minutes. It is definitely a test batch and tasted a little chocolatey with that sweet ripe Ulu flavor, it was light and moist. Made these for my youngest’s birthday treat to share at Aunty’s tomorrow. The kids will be the real taste testers! #breadfruit #ulu #brownies #nosugaradded #nowaste #overripe #chocolate #paleoish #coconutoil #nohonahawaii #flourfreebaking #glutenfree

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Comment from Tanya Jones:

This makes me so sad😢 I love avocado and will eat them at most stages of ripeness but this a a bit far gone even for me. Bought from the supermarket yesterday and they are terrible inside. . . . . . #avocado #overripe #sadface

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Comment from Jennifer Perillo:

I’ve got six banana bread #recipes on the blog, so it’s not like I was lacking for amazing ways to use up #overripe #bananas. This morning I found a bag with a few in the freezer, and I was going to bake my favorite one of all for #Buckwheat Banana Bread. Just as I was ready to make it, my mind wandered to the last bit of tahini left on the counter. Let’s just say if the cooked, baked cake tastes half as good as the batter, this #Tahini Buckwheat Banana Bread is going to be my new favorite (and soon-to-be seventh banana bread recipe on the site!).

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Comment from ClairK:

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Comment from Emily:

It's a little gloomy today in LA so I whipped up these delicious banana bread muffins! It helps I had these overripe bananas I didn't eat during the week laying around. Love these for a little snack or when running out the door! 😋🍌🍞 #teaspoonsofthyme

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Comment from ✌ Kat Waag:

Sunday Emergency🌲 North winds, Cold weather, and a bit of snow makes for brittle trees!! We watched 5 trees (luckily all set off the main property, back in the woods) fall from today's gusts. The roads are littered with debris, and when we called for an emergency power drop for this client, we were told that PSE was overwhelmed handling too many downed wires and power outages.! BUT... you would never know from these photos😅 Western Washington and its unpredictable weather! Today an old northwest saying rang true! "If you don't like the weather wait 5 minutes!" #treeservice #treeclimber #stihl #waagtreeservice #bigleafmaple #oldmaple #overripe #treeremoval #safteyfirst #blowdown #wreckage

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