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Comment from Robert X:

Deported veterans exist, although no one — not even the Department of Homeland Security — knows how many. Their issue has been slowly brought into mainstream American consciousness largely by the efforts of committed activists in Tijuana. . “The Bunker,” also known as the Deported Veterans Support House, is in a small cinderbrick building tucked away on a side street in Mexico’s border town of Tijuana, and is frequented by veterans of every branch of the United States military, who fought everywhere from Vietnam to Afghanistan. Former Army paratrooper Hector Barajas, 39, opened it to be a gathering place and a refuge for veterans who, like him, had been deported: . “I started The Bunker because there was a need,” Barajas told us. . He said since his deportation, he had been meeting others like him living in Tijuana, and discovered that they lived throughout Mexico — but not just Mexico. There are hundreds of deported military vets living in at least twenty countries, he said. Since then, The Bunker has since become less a refuge and more a cause: . “Our vision is to end the deportations of Deported Veterans, repatriate the ones who have already been deported, and offer support until they all go home. We shouldn’t honor our Deported Veterans by allowing them to return upon death. Honor them by allowing them to return home to their families and give them any benefits that they are eligible for.” . Read more: . . . . . ***Random Hashtags*** . #trumpsagenda #trump #trumpscampaign #stillrising #stillhere #trumpspresidency #stillindigenous #guarini #saintpetersuniversity #donaldtrump #notmypresident #thedonald #fakenews #makeamericagreatagain #washingtondc #resistance #pizzaandpolitics #traitor #dumptrump #netneutrality #staywoke #resist #maga #jerseycity #love #picoftheday #civilrights #gma #whosaiditbest #shenotready

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- "Però una cosa importante l'ho imparata". - "Cosa?" - "Saper disinnescare". - "Cioé?" - "Non trasformare ogni discussione in una lotta di supremazia. Non credo che sia debole chi è disposto a cedere, anzi, è pure saggio. Le uniche coppie che vedo durare sono quelle dove uno dei due, non importa chi, riesce a fare un passo indietro. E invece sta un passo avanti". #perfettisconosciuti #picoftheday #photooftheday #instamoment #instadaily #instalike #like #like4like #likeforfollow #follow #follow4follow

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