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Comment from Kaytlyn:

Happy Birthday Grandma! I miss you so much. You were always like a mom to me. I remember calling you anytime my mom made me sad or mad and when I needed to you let me move in. You were always the most selfless person I ever knew. I try to embody the person you would want me to be. I love you grandma. I hope you’re partying it up with Jesus. ♥️ #happybirthday #iloveyou #birthdayinheaven #heaven #grandma #imissyou #rip #keeponkeepingon #selflessness #selfess #likeamom #twins #yourebeautiful #utahn #utah #pnw #pnwonderland #oregon

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Comment from WNDP:

Nori is loving our new dog beds! 😴

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Comment from Caitlin Cowan:

2 Minutes ago

So lately I've realized I rarely go on this account anymore, and I'm awful at planning/organizing. If anyone ever wants to shoot, please contact me with my regular insta: @22danimoore sorry if there's been any confusion in the past😊

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Comment from Amber 😘:

So I’ve never recorded myself doing back before, but this tank ( @whitneyysimmons mercy) did a great job at showing off my goodies (muscles, what muscles I have) ☺️ 💪🏻and yes after just a few reps of back stuff I’m like dying as seen at the end of the video 😂

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