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Ένα υπέροχο κοινό με όρεξη και θετική διάθεση γέμισε χθες την αίθουσα του Ευριπίδης στην Κηφισιά και παρακολούθησε το πετυχημένο και διαδραστικό workshop «Εστιάζω στα θετικά-πετυχαίνω τους στόχους μου»! Σας ευχαριστώ όλους για τη δυναμική σας παρουσία! Ευχαριστώ επίσης θερμά τις εκδόσεις @dioptrabooks για τη διοργάνωση αυτής της εκδήλωσης και τα @evripidis_bookstores για τη φιλοξενία! Στο επανιδείν!☺ #swaminirvikalpananda #modernyogiclifestyle #meditationcoaching #meditation #mindful #yoga #livingyoga #greeceyoga #chakra #sadhana #positivethinking #yogapsychology #books

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Čovek je bogat onoliko koliko putuje. Svakim novim putovanjem ispunjeni smo za još jedno prelepo iskustvo koje smo doživeli sa ljudima koje znamo godinama ili smo ih tek na tom putu upoznali. Novi putevi, drugačija mesta, različite kulture i poznastva, hrane kako naš duh tako i telo i pomažu nam da budemo lepši iznutra, a kada blistamo iznutra, takvi smo i spolja 💖 _______ 🏡 Antifašističke borbe 26, lokal 22 ☎️ 063/818-38-18 🚗 Dostava na adresu . . . . #volimfresh #detox #zivot #inspiracija #positivemind #positivevibes #thesecret #positivethinking

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The past 2 days has been around 24 hours of travelling, our bums were numb, we were tired, annoyed (due to lack of organisation of staff) BUT One thing I always try and tell myself is "why let something annoy you that is out of your control" "is your bad mood going to change the situation or make it better?" The answer is no, so why let it stress you out??🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♂️ Today is a new day, we woke up refreshed with no alarm clock, casually got ready, went for the most amazing coffee & smashed avo on rye toast with egg & tomato and chilled by the pool all day, we are now hitting the gym and gonna stroll down the night markets! Positive thinking can go a long way! Have a good day everyone ❤ #inspo #dedication #positive #positivity #coffee #goodmood #happy #travels #asia #gym #training #life #lovelife #inspiration #avo #foodie #positivethinking

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• Fill your cup with Pleasure • Yes, even when you wake up with a headache and you have a full days work ahead there is pleasure to be found in the day. I sprayed on my favorite perfume, put on a smile and took a painkiller. The headache is gone for now, and I’m having a swell day at work 💻 One of my coworkers treated everyone to warm stuffed biscuits, yummy! It’s going to be ok, even when it takes some time to find the motivation and tackle the day ahead. There are treats all around me and it’s up to me to find and appreciate them. Hope you’re having a wonderful day babes! 👯‍♀️💞

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