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Comment from Perseus IA:

This morning pit stop in Buckhead with the good folks of and some therapy treatment w/ @dr.mike.roura ... can't lift heavy and not take care of your body, I'm learning this the hard way. . . #gogginsforceathlete . "BENCH LIKE A GOD" strength program availible at LINK IN THE BIO. . . . Fly apparel availible at⤵⤵⤵ . #AlphaAsFuck #BeastMode #BodyBuilding #BoutThatLife #Doyouevenlift #Train #Dedication #Fitfam #MCM #Gains #savage #GymFlow #GymLife #powerlifting  #Inspiration #Muscle #Legs #Motivation #Results #Benchpress #Strength #Training #Squats #Fitnessaddict #shopping #retailtherapy #onlineshopping @gogginsforce @thestevegoggins @mike_d_rice

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Det beste med treningen i dag var musikken og burgeren jeg fikk når jeg kom hjem. Men litt gøy å trene på bøy med strikk, ny variasjon av bøy for meg. Det blir en strir ørn mot NM i Styrkeløft, men jeg skal ikke la de siste 2 mnd med sykdom «knekke» meg. #strengthtraining #powerlifting #squats

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Front Squat Volume PB - 90kg 5x6 - Last week I worked up to a top set of 90kg x 6, this week I was feeling good and actually hit it for 5 sets! Happy with the depth and bar path, definitely room for an increase next week. Consistency, hard work and a calorie surplus works wonders 💁🏼‍♂️

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Comment from tyler kothe:

I honestly thing this injury has helped light a fire inside me. You don’t realize how much you miss something until you don’t have it or are unable to do it anymore. Lifting weight has been my go to for stress, and has been my addiction it makes it even harder working in a gym. Just yesterday I was training a client bent down to pick up the 40lb curl bar and felt a strong pinch in my back.. it hurt but honestly pissed me off more than anything. At one point I was dead lifting 500+lbs and now I can’t even pick up a 40lb curl bar without being in pain. When I do come back I’m going to do a lot more functional movements incorporated more athletic movements also. Only matter of time #fitness #fit #motivation #motivationalquotes #dedication #workout #pool #bar #milwaukee #mensphysique #physique #powerlifting #bodybuilding #weightlifting #diet #macros #supplements #injury #backproblems #comeback #focused #personaltrainer #trainer #gym

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Being 5’8 is great for powerlifting, not so great for basketball

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Bad sleep=Need caffeine Too much caffeine=Bad sleep For many people this is vicious circle. You sleep bad one day, so you take stimulants during the day, but then you can't fall asleep again in the evening. ✅4 quick tips to improve your sleep 1. Don't consume caffeine in the late afternoon (the average half-life of caffeine is 5.7 hours) 2. Have enough physical activity during day (this is the main predictor of circadian rhythm) 3. Lower your cortisol at night. There are many ways to do this. I like to take quality form of magnesium, consume calming tea and listen to relaxing music. 4. Avoid screens before you go to sleep (or at least use night shift/f.lux)

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Comment from Joshua:

Keeping the ball rolling on squat with another paused mini-PR of 183kg/403lb. Felt easy! Followed squatting with some lighter deadlifts for volume, working to improve start position. As always, had a blast lifting w/ da @barbellatberkeley fam! 02/22/18

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