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This week's affirmation is: "Money comes into my life easily and unexpectedly. I am financially abundant" 💸💸💸 Repeat after me: I am wealthy. I am wealthy. I am wealthy. 💸💸💸 Now, envision it. Don't stop saying it until you're drowning in money, and even then... Manifest wealth into your life by creating space for it. By believing you have the capacity for wealth. By tirelessly speaking it into your subconscious minds eye. Xoxo Kari . . . #affirmations #positivity #selfhelp #lifehack #manifestation #attractabundance #wealth #dailyaffirmation #glowup #happy #healthy #wealth #positivevibes #affirmation #affirmationnation #community #lawofattraction #mindfulness #abundance #prosperity #gratitude #attitude #motivation #loa #positivethoughts #expansion #evolution #growthmindset #cogitoergosum

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The Universe tells us a story, that everything is energy including us all of our thoughts words and feelings.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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• Phurba N06 • Manifestation for new beginnings and nurturing of your being. Mossagate is a stone that promotes abundance of all kind. Believed to refresh your eyes so you can see with a new point of view. Indian Agate is a great aid for meditation, & a powerful healing stone. Indian agate gives physical strength & emotional security. It is also a good protection stone. Agate's most noticeable propertiesoverall are balancing yin/yang energy, courage, protection, healing, and calming. It supports you to speak your truth and acceptance of yourself and others.

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Comment from Ashlee:

Don’t worry about a thing...

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Gravitate towards the vibes that take you higher. 🌟

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Every STOP is a new learning experience. . Every day of your life you meet new expectations new experiences in your home in your workplace or even in your journey. . Say you having your lunch and you meet your same old friends but the moment is new for you to learn and absorb. . Don't let your life blocked with doubts, hatred, revenge or other noises. Make your life meaningful and enjoy whatever you are doing. There will be one or two who are not to your expectations, that's lives lesson learnt. Be willing to take all kinds of knocks and move on. Mike Tyson didn't create his popularity overnight, it took him more to be where he is now. Be yourself 👈👈👈

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Comment from Beth Dana:

I Do Declare 💋 Declare your goals & dreams, say them out loud, raise your vibration, and call them in!

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