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To dress the Eiffel Tower of a overall in colours and motives for the flags of the Whole world. Symbol of the modernism, the Eiffel Tower, visible four cardinal points, ambassadress by excellence of France, will allow so to offer a demonstration of prestige in Paris, demonstrating again to this occasion it's dominating role of international capital of the Art. Alessandro Corsini, plastic, Italian - Argentine artist, lives and works in Paris since 1989. He exposed in Brazil, in Italy, in Spain, in the United States, in Japan, in Germany and in France. Since 1993, he collaborated notably in the fashion shows of Courrèges and Castelbajac. He can not get loose any more from " the Brazilian experience " where Alessandro Corsini finds the definitive identity; the spiritual force of the tapestries and clothes, conceived to be carried during the dance, transforms the dancer into alive sculpture. #eiffelTower #hamburg #riodejaneiro #copenhagen #berlin #firenze #valencia #buenosaires #hollywood #amsterdam #sãopaulo #sanfrancisco #paris #rome #montecarlo #newyork #quebec #montreal #santiagodechile #caracas #eiffeltowerlasvegas #hotels #people #toureiffel #dance #vip #fashiondesigner #vdiariodigital @toureiffelofficielle

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Comment from Nelson Rioux:

You guys are now familiar with that view? You've seen it before do you? For those who dont, this is Corneille WI5+ 80m a majestic line bording the sea in Quebec. Let me tell you a story about stuff we usually try to hide on social media, the real stuff: First time I photoshooted someone on her was from afar with @etiennerancourt leading it and it gave me some tremors just about the idea of one day seconding the featuresque line to get some top down shots. But once back in the real life in the city, i got obscessed about getting on back on it. Then I got offered the chance to go back with @charlesroberge and Eric Tremblay to do the top down shot. I got hooked, I even waited 2 weeks to start a new job to make the photoshoot happen. Beautiful light, crisp temps but lets go. To save time, we decided that I will jumar my way while they were climbing the 2nd pitch and up the second to shoot Charles leading a 2nd time. That first 40m kicked my ass because of the first 20 being slabby and harder on balance. Once on the vertical part a was gone for the top. But for that I needed to wait in the cave of the 1st station for the guys to send and set my line, which never happened. I waited, tried the radio, nothing, but only a guy rapping down telling me it wasnt happening. The 2nd pitch had fractures lines and running water underneath making it his only lead of it. Back to the hotel I was destroyed. I never had a photoshoot not happening. Weeks passed by and I started realizing I just had been lucky because there is so much things we cant control on ice climbs photoshoots. Yesterday I read the story of Sarah Hueniken ( @huens), Will Gadd and John Price on their attempt to photoshoot Merry Christmas 140m WI6 and bailing off for reasons I will let you read on their accounts if you havent. Crazy stuff btw. It was heartbraking to read because I had the same struggles on a different scale on Corneille and I now understand that whatever the effort you put in something its not a garanteed to succeed and there is nothing you can do about it other than accept that and move on:) Here is one of the only shots I had before getting on my jumars.

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Success Articulated Beautifully

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