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Comment from Jolaine:

40 Minutes ago

Sometimes things just don't go the way you want and sometimes you really wish that he would talk to you, but he wont he shall never know how I really feel, I must never make it known, even where I see him again, but this time It will be different wherever he looks at me and smiles again and stares or laughs at me for saying corky stuff it now can never be as my ♥ tells me to go the other way and so my mind shall soon follow as it always does and now I must be in this place alone as you stood by me today, I felt my ♥ beat to a sound I dare never forget but I must it has come time to say goodbye. We shall stand at the place we see each other and you may stare at me like you always do but I will be lost forever.

40 Minutes ago

Comment from lisforlucie:

45 Minutes ago

Comment from Pub Du Parvis:

59 Minutes ago