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Comment from Jamie:

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Comment from feedyourfierce:

Sautéed asparagus, onions, and tomatoes filling up my plate tonight! . . . I am in my outpatient prime care rotation right now, which means the majority of the people who seek my advice tend to ask about healthy eating weight loss options. One common theme I’ve seen is when I suggest more at home cooking, so many respond that they have no time! While everyone is busy in their own way, I think people tend to overestimate the time it’ll take to prepare their meals. This vegetable mess right here honestly took about 10 minutes! And of those 10 minutes, I could have left the pan simmer by itself for half the time without supervision. Sometimes, the idea of changing a routine is harder than actually implementing the change. Why don’t you try sautéing some veggies tonight to add to your plate? Let me know how it goes! Cheers!

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Comment from Kate M.🌹:

I really think this should be a thing: PULLED PORK ON MASHED CAULI This is a creative example of cleaning out my fridge. I had a head of cauliflower I needed to use and Drew had frozen a pulled pork concoction he made before Braelyn came (love to give you the recipe but he forgot it!) Drizzled @franksredhot sauce on and boom! Easy peasy healthy meal. #hotsauce #mashedcauliflower #pulledpork @hatfieldmeats #elsiethegsd #dinner #quickmeal #eatingclean #cleanthefridge #creativemeals #cleanbites #dinnerideas

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Comment from ʝαує rσѕє:

Chopping can sometimes feel like a drag when you’re tired or don’t feel like cooking, but its the after effect (affect) 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ that make it all worthwhile! Colors make me very happy! And this salad right here is definitely a pick me upper. ☺️ . . #bonappetit #deliciousdinner #happybelly #happyme #fitnessfoods #fitfoods #fitlife #freshsalad #freshisfresh #foodforfuel #foodshare #foodie #instafoodpic #simplesalad #mondaydinner #dinnermadeeasy #quickmeal #healthyeating #healthyfood #healthybody #healthymom #colorfullife #goodvibes #mondaymotivation

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Comment from ANNE 🌵:

BROILED COCONUT + CINNAMON GRAPEFRUIT __________________________________________________ 6 MIN. super quick + easy breakfast or sweet dessert 🍊grapefruits are super high in antioxidants + a natural appetite suppressant to keep you full 💪🏼 __________________________________________________ slice grapefruit in half and place in oven on broil topped with cinnamon + coconut oil = WALA! Tastes like a healthy cinnamon roll 🌟 can top with natural honey as well for extra sweetness 👅 _____________________________________________________ • • • • • • • • #fitness #fit #vegan #vegeterian #healthyrecipes #healthydessert #dessert #fruit #veganeats #f52grams #paleo #healthyfood #cookingvideo #howtocook #quickmeal #easycooking #5minrecipe

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Comment from Gayle Middlemiss:

Omelets are usually fried in a teaspoon of oil or butter. So, are omelets healthy for you? Yes, they are if you add sufficient vegetables and use less oil. Good source of proteins Prevents cravings Supports brain health Good for bodybuilding An omelet made with a whole egg contains a good amount of proteins, vitamins A, D, B, and K, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, selenium, phosphorus, and other nutrients in trace amounts. Omelets are ideal for vegetarians who eat eggs because there aren’t many food sources containing vital nutrients such as vitamin B12 and vitamin D except for dairy products. #omelette #veggieomelette #carbfree #proteinrich #bodybuildingmeal #eggs #quickmeal #veggie #kale #eathealthier #nutritiousmeals

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Comment from Amy Yeoman:

2 Hours ago

QUICK DINNER ON A BUDGET - - Tonight’s meal emphasized the importance of cooking on a budget, quickly and efficiently. Since I don’t get home from training until 9pm and have to wake up the next day at 4:30 it’s important that I refuel as quickly as possible whilst still maintaining MAXIMUM nutrition value. 🥩 I like to eat red meat only once a week as it’s extremely high in iron, fats and protein and helps rebuild my muscles after a tough session. 💰 Since I am on a budget I want to show you that healthy eating is possible when you aren’t rich. Get yourself to aldi! 🍚 This package of rice and grains takes 45 seconds to cook and has excellent nutritional value 🍃 I LOVE crispy kale and it’s high in iron and is very alkaline. I’ve cooked it in coconut oil and turmeric (this is a great superfood and you should try your best to include it in all of your cooking) 🍅 Cherry tomatoes are also highly alkaline and will help balance the meal which has the meat (which is an acidic food) #health #fitness #healthylifestyle #fitnessblogger #foodie #guthealth #alkalinediet #coconutoil #gettheglow #healthytips #healthysnacks #redmeat #kale #chilliflakes #tumeric #rice #grains #lentils #healthydinner #quickmeal #mealonabudget #budgetmeals

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Comment from Marla Grimes:

Cheesy Veggie soup!! 🎉👏🏼😁 January is Soup Month, so here’s an easy, filling soup that’s great to have on hand all week! I make a big batch and then have “add ins” ready to go to make it feel like a different meal. Recipe: In your biggest pot- Sauté carrots, celery, onion Add in enough stock or broth to come up 1/2 way. add in a big bag of peeled, cut up carrots 🥕 (I personally like the flavor of fresh carrots over frozen. And I think it’s worth a few extra minutes to peel and cut up your own. But if you don’t have the time or you don’t notice a difference, feel free to add a bag frozen carrots), 1 bag frozen spinach, 1 bag frozen cut green beans, 1 head cabbage that is sliced up and 1 large can diced tomatoes. For seasoning, add 3 bay leaves, 2tsp dry thyme, 2 tsp paprika 2 tsp dry oregano and 2 tsp dry basil. Bring to boil then let simmer 1 hour. Add more broth if needed Add ins: 1) Velvetta 2% Light cheese (1oz= 60 cal. I like a cheesy soup and measure out 3 oz per big bowl 😊🧀) 2) diced chicken (SO many varieties come pre grilled if u don’t want to brave the cold to grill outside! ❄️ ⛄️ I like Costco grilled chicken stripes and Tyson frozen grilled chicken strips that come in green and white bag. Each are minimally processed) 4) hot sauce 🔥 5) whole wheat pasta noodles. Any variety 6) cooked barley. Yum! So nutty and easy to prepare!! 7) canned tuna 8) diced cooked potatoes or sweet potatoes 🍠 9) Parmesan cheese 10) beans.... any variety. White beans would be very good in the soup! Mix and match any of the above into the soup. Sometimes I just put velvetta cheese... sometimes I put cheese and chicken....other times I add tuna, white beans and Parmesan cheese 😋. Keep the soup in fridge as a blank slate and then throw in what You’re in the mood for. 😊👍🏼 Makes for a quick and easy dinner during a busy week! 🍲 Happy Monday! 💗 #iknowvelvettaisnotasuperfood🧐 #liveontheedge 😜 #velvetta #tysonchicken #costco #costcofinds #healthyrecipes #healthymeals #veggies #veggiesoup #quickmeal #healthylifestyle #fitness #momlife #cheesemakeseverythingbetter #soup

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Comment from LaLa:

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I have not had a good week food wise, been poorly and not been bothering to measure things etc, then went out at the weekend 🍷..not done my SAS logs and not expecting the scales to be kind to me. However, after calorie blast tonight I have made a quick and easy salad packed with peppers, celery, sardines and tuna and a home made dip of fat free yoghurt and paprika so I am back on the right track even if I do get a gain tomorrow.. #swuk #slimmingworlduk #slimmingworldmeals #quickmeal #salad #fish #sw #swinstagram #pepper #speed #onplan

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Comment from Mahy ~ foodie ❤:

There's something insanely comforting and delicious when you combine healthy, filling and simple ingredients. This thing is called SOOTHING GARLIC CHICKPEA SOUP! ❤️ Half Cup of Pulses can make a world of difference to your meals! Read more on how I use them in my post! #halfcuphabit #justaddpulses #eatpulses #ad ***Full Recipe Link in Profile***

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