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Comment from Mr Guru:

Why does it feel better to sail in crystal clear water ocean instead of a polluted and dirty one? The answer seems quite obvious: in the clear one you can see its beauty, you can appreciate the view during the way. That's exactly how we should see our lives: sometimes, we keep all the bad stuff inside us (anger, fears, sadness...), which causes a lot of pollution on our ocean. By doing so, we can't find greatness in every single day, we can't find love, we can't find peace. We must practice the act of letting things go, breaking the chains that hold us still. But how can we do so? Start thinking that you only have one opportunity (this precious gift of life) and you must live it entirely (so why would you waste your time with something that is not allowing you to have the full experience of this present?). Second of all, think about it: how many times have you ever felt like that before? Have you made it so far? Don't you really think that in a year from now on you might've figured out a way out of your problems (so why to worry about that now? - it will go away, I assure you). The boat is ready to sail, will you join it? Be the (clear) water, my friend. 🏝🏞🌊✔ . . . Comment below what do you do to get rid of all the bad feelings, I wanna know more. Share this post with someone you love. . #goal #journey #trust #focus #inspirational #motivational #inspire #motivate #inspirational #quotes #motivationalquotes #quote #quotestoliveby #quotestagram #love #kindness #happiness #success #positivity #positivevibesonly #positivevibes #positivity #positivethinking #dailyquote #dailyquotes #dailyinspiration #dailymotivation #money #hardwork #quoteoftheday #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship

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Uh oh 😮

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Comment from Maggie Delancey:

The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood "But a chair, sunlight, flowers: these are not to be dismissed. I am alive, I live, I breathe, I put my hand out, unfolded, into the sunlight."

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Caught between a strong mind, and a fragile heart. #mood #blue

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"The problem was she wanted to be loved so badly she couldn’t tell it wasn’t love."

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