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Comment from Helen:

This is why I love learning about yoga philosophy...I get this, I feel this, yet in western society this has not been taught. Thank goodness for the upinshads and all the other yogi gurus in history and how amazing that we can learn and teach this to others?!. Pass it on 😉

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Comment from Fashion my profesion!:

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In the middle of last night or was it this morning, Time and continuity flows foreign now indeed underneath the veil of time and comprehension. Blackness touched every crevice and surface, where the absence of light embraced the stillness of being; night as it were. And suddenly, as it always does, sunrise approached without warning or awareness. Light gleamed through the suspended time and movement accelerated once more for the new day. There was a dog crying, howling. Near where I live. I spiritwalked in my dreams to find him, only to continue this half asleep half awake awareness of openness to needing to help this poor distressed being that cried in the night. I suspect the dog belonged to a hotel guest, that is behind our block. Sad anyone would leave their animal, overnight in a car. So at 6am this morning I went on a mission to find the little animal, armed with all I had - catfood and a warm heart. Sadly, this dog remained a mystery :( #sunrise #thoughts #sky #spiritjunkie #radiatelove

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Comment from Christine:

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Comment from Sandra O.| BLOGGER:

I think one of the only animals i could handle as a pet would be a horse. They are very beautiful to me. Just not enough for me to clean after I guess. However, I love this animal for its sense and ability to reflect/mirror a person's strength, loyalty, calmness, & confidence.

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Comment from Casitas Magicas:

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Comment from MJ ॐ:

Day 12: movies #ootd 🎥 for the #fitgirlstylechallenge 😎 Usually movie date means nachos, popcorn 🍿 and lots of fun!! 💞 also, I don't know about you, but I'm always carrying a blanket to the movies with me hehe I think it gets really cold in there ❄ 😂 #instafashion #chic #fitgirlife #fitgirlsguide #fitgirlphotochallenge #ootd #MJstylechallenge #fitbabesunited #happiness #fashionista #lifestyle #instagood #positivevibes #ilovefashion #bossbabe #radiatelove #chiccode #stylish #cool #classy #streetchic #instafashion #fashionable #fashionstyle #streetfashion #fashionaddict #womensfashion #fashionpost

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🌙✨🌙 nighty night 🌙✨🌙

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