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Comment from Katie Haverty:

1 yr old - Lawrence 🐆. . . Cheetahs are extremely social cats, so when Lawrence here was rejected by his mother as a cub, trainers in Australia hand-raised him. Despite only being one, Lawrence is very comfortable around people and loves a good back scratch. I had an incredible afternoon playing with this cheeky guy!!! . #cheetah #bigcat #ilovebigcatsandicannotlie #australia #animalsofinstagram #travelphotography #animallover #worldtravel #neverstopexploring #rawr #wanderlust #monday #takemeback

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Comment from BJ Montillano:

KINGSTATAY: 😂😘☺️ “Woke up with this is priceless! I can’t remember the last we had this. I’m so busy growing old and forget that you also growing up! Love you nak!” #bjday136livin #bjpaba #bjigdaily #priceless #rawr

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Comment from Chloe 👽:

I don't post much, since I look like an emo kid, but here you all go 🤙🏼 #fml #x3 #rawr #3mok1d

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Comment from 🖤Chloe Borja🖤:

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Okay, I HAD to share this picture! This is ‘Recyclosaurus’, and she is the result of a design challenge I had to complete for uni. The challenge was to design a push/pull toy out of recycled goods. This looks easy and fun, but I can assure you that the brainstorming and overthinking was painful and the follow up 2600 word response will be a breeze. (Okay, there were many giggles during construction). From this I have learned that failure is learning, trial and error in design is somewhat necessary and glue doesn’t do half as good a job as zippy ties. #preserviceteacher #cqu #recycledart #designandtechnology #design #reuse #rawr #dinosaurs #designosaur

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Comment from Miguel Ferreira:

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Comment from Undiscovered Hip-Hop:

Shoutout to @dmvnytymusic for joining our playlist with his single ''Last Rage" Check it out on Spotify now! Are you an artist and would like to submit your music to our playlist? DM us for playlist placement.

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