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Last one. Not an ad. 🚫 3/3

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Comment from Fountains Abbey:

We're loving this photo from @jackyp599. The mist over the water garden looks a little spooky. Thanks for sharing Jacky!

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Comment from Ali:

22.10.17 definitely one of my favourite photos that i’ve taken, and i’ve taken quite a few. to be honest i’m very proud of every single photo that i post on here - i spend a lot of time on the process, which includes taking a million & one photo, picking out the best, editing, mixing, matching, writing and, finally, posting. but with social media every post is ephemeral, relevance quickly plummeting. i daresay i don’t get nearly enough interaction or admiration as i believe i deserve which is quite disheartening, however i’m no pro in promoting my profile. in the end, i do mostly see my profile as an archive - oh do i adore scrolling through the hundreds of photos reliving the memories. but i do urge you - if you like a photo or video made by someone - say it !! i cannot stress how important it can be to a creator. it literally takes seconds to make someone’s day. spread appreciation ☀️

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