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|| The second one with that mirror 😘 || #reminisce

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Comment from Bianca:

This. I am such a reserved person, I don’t open myself up to anyone. Maybe cause I’ve been hurt too many times to count. Putting my work out there has taken me out of my comfort zone in more ways than one. It’s terrifying but it has also introduced me with some incredible, talented people. People that I now consider true friends♥️ Anyway, sorry for spiel... does anybody else get reminiscent when they are about to turn a year older? 😂

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Comment from Mandy Raybuck Fleming:

It's possible I do just as much dancing and booty droppin' as lifting in the mornings 😂💃🏻 and it's usually to 90's-'00 hip hop and/or chick rocker tunes🤓🎧🎤 And I'm always reminded of such awesome times with my girls, before volleyball games, in dorm rooms, cruisin' and just being besties❤️ #wheremygirlsat #goodtimes #reminisce #iam1stphorm #12weekchallenge

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