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I saw Selena perform in there twice, went for Astros games, even went to a carnival inside the dome. I hope the Astrodome never gets torn down. I love the Dome!

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I have been revisiting old journals, diaries, and notebooks I used to write in when I was a child. This diary I wrote in when I was 11 years old up until 14 years old. It's amazing to reminisce on who I was then, and still at the core, am now. In this section of my diary, I am writing at 11 years old, and my logic on why boys don't like me is too cute & funny. I love my bad spelling, terrible punctuation, and wholesome heart. It reads (as spelled out): May 24, 2001 Dear Diary, There's this boy I like. His name is Brandon Peters. I think his really cute but telling u the truth he's kind of mean. I think Brandon doesn't like me. I think, I now why to, because I'm ugly and fat. No guy will ever like me, not unless I'm anerecsick (anorexic 😂), have big boobs and long blonge (blonde 😂) hair. Guys are really weird. Before Brandon knew I liked him, he was really nice but now that he nows I like him, he is really mean. Like, he called me retarded and he twisted my arm. I think that means he does not like me. Oh well! Hill 💔 P.S.- I can find a much nicer guy then him anyways. Hahaha! #olddiary #writinggirl #whyboysdontlikeme101 #11yearoldgirlthoughts #adolescentes #youth #comingofagewriter #writing #ladywriter #oldthoughts #reminiscing #nostalgia

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