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2 photos and a video ain't that fun📸💗 you're being spoilt;) _______________________________________________________ Haven't posted that much today, was kind of tired😴 i recorded the video a few days ago when it was on his story but I didn't post it so I thought I'd post it now lol xo >> enjoy:) • • • #shawnmendes #shawnmendesvideo #shawnmendesedits #shawnmendesfans #shawnmendesfan #shawnmendesphoto #shawnmendesgoals #shawnmendesmuffin #shawnmendesarmy #shawnmendesfanpage #shawnmendesedit #shawnmendesworldtour #shawnmendesconcert #shawnsarmy #shawnmuffin #follow4follow #like4like @shawnmendes

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~Hailee’s POV~ After I locked the door I turned around and Shawn just looked at me with sad eyes. Me:”umm what do you want to do?” He didn’t say anything he got up out of his seat and walked towards me we’re now face to face Me:”what are you doing?” Does he always do things like this I think to myself. Shawn:”I’m doing something I should have done when you first opened up that door.” He hugged me and it wasn’t just a normal “hug” it was one that felt real as if he knew why I needed one. Shawn:”I came here because you weren’t answering me at all, I thought that since I kissed you you didn’t want to be around me anymore or probably just didn’t like me anymore.” Me:”are you serious me? Not liking you anymore? That’s not true, things has just been hard for me lately I really did want to call and text you back but I knew there would be consequences.” He held my hands and ran his thumb over the back at of them Shawn:”princess look at me.” He said with his eyebrows frowned together. Shawn:”tell me why would there be consequences for you talking to me?” Me:”I really wish I could tell you Shawn but not right now.” Shawn:”well whenever you’re ready I’ll always be ready to hear what you have to say darling.” I smiled thinking of the little nicknames he gives me. I guess my smile is contagious as well because he’s smiling as big as I am right back at me. Me:”would you like to watch a movie with me?” Shawn:”yeah what movie is it?” I let go of one of his hands and pulled the other one to where I was sitting. Me:”I was rudely interrupted by this super tall goofy perfect hair and dreamy eyed looking boy when I was searching for one to watch.”I said laughing and sitting down with him directly next to me. Shawn:”you think I have perfect hair and dreamy eyes?” He said smirking and moving his face closer to mine. Me:”is that all you heard me say you’re impossible MENDES!” I said moving him back a little both of us still laughing our butts off. Me:”ok sooo we’re going to watch *the last song*!” I said excited he looked at me and laughed a little. I gave him a look asking what. Shawn:”you don’t see it but you’re really cute when you get excited.”⚫️MORE IN THE COMMENTS👇🏼👇🏼⚫️

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