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Comment from Gian Marco Livesu:

The Smartphone Lady a Sunny and warm Sunday, perfect sky, no clouds. I was hanging around Nebida's Belvedere with some other photographers, trying to catch one of the most gorgeous views of south Sardinia ... one of the other photographers step in front of me to take a picture of the beautiful view ... and this is what i saw: this old lady, totally immersed in her smartphone screen, not caring about the awesome natural scenery just beside there ... someone Said That the smartphone is the "drug" of the new young generations, well ... this picture could give a different prospective ... 11-03-2017 Nebida (CI) - Sardinia - Italy #photography #travel #photo #photographer #blackandwhitephoto #blackandwhitephotography #viewpoint #fujifilm_xseries #fujifilm #fujixe2s #streetlife #streetphoto #travelphotography

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Comment from Anna Morein:

Tbilisi. Georgia

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Comment from Yusuke Masuda:

Girls no wave Style : @118ky (drop)

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Comment from Jared Charney:

Gilbert, The Town Crier of Beacon Hill

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