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Comment from LC:

Sometimes you need space to reflect on your life, what you want versus what you need and to truly appreciate what you had. I can honestly say this man brings true happiness to my life. He loves me for me doesn't ever ask me to be someone I'm not. Tells me I'm beautiful without any makeup on and when I look a mess he just tells me how beautiful I am. His relationship with my son is amazing they're best friends ☀️ Find you someone who loves you for you! #sincehighschool #highschoolsweethearts #spacemakestheheartgrowfonder #truelove #hawaii #hawaiian #mexican #filipino #808 #sunflowerfields #dupontpioneer #waialua #ohana #sundayfunday #family

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Comment from Bri:

what would this world be without the colors of flowers? 🌻🙈 #grateful

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