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Comment from Katie Davis:

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Comment from Kellie stovall:

Nothing like hearing these precious children sing about fixing their eyes on God❤️ I love watching children worship because they are not held back with worries of who's watching or what judgement might be being passed on them. Free, unhindered worship. #kingslandwam #kingandcountry #worship #sweetkiddos

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Comment from Destiny Mcclendon:

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Comment from Jennifer Adams:

The hubby and kids gave me these roses for VDay and I am hanging on to them to the end... #ilovepink

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Comment from April Riley:

I just love these two. #gameday #soccer #sweetkiddos WTG Cougars ⚽️ with that 4-2 win over Laurel Christian! 2nd Playoff coming up Thursday, 3pm CHA.

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Comment from Becky Mast:

4 Days ago

I shared the news with my students today. They made me a card with a bag of popcorn and $10,000 inside. She said I will need it to raise my baby! They are also starting name suggestions and poems for the baby’s nursery lol 28주3일만에 드디어 학생들에게 임밍아웃👶🏻. 기뻐해주는 아이들의 리엑션에 한숨놓았다. 애기키우면 필요할거라며 팝콘과 돈 그림이 그러진 카드를 만들어준 아이(ㅋㅋ도대체 넌 정신연령 몇살인거니!). 시애틀 아이들 아니랄까봐, 시혹스 팬이길 바란다는 맨트와, 아이이름 추천, 아가방에 놓을 poem까지. #sweetkiddos #firstgraderocks #teacherlife #시애틀 #미국선생님 #시애틀일상 #1학년담임

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