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Comment from Banana 🍌:

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Comment from Justin Hamre:

Bad ass! I freaking love it, my full sleeve on my leg is complete... killer filler free hand skull with reptile eye ball #freshwork #tattedup #gratefulmoments that's what's up u guys!! 😀❤️😊 Awesome!!! 😈🤘

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Comment from J.Q:

Behind My smile there's a story you would never understand . ! Squeeze face on point 💣 ° ° ° °DON'T LET SOMEONE ELSE'S OPINION DEFINE WHO YOU ARE ! °

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Comment from Geoff Niemi:

"Grab the deck of cards and I flip a 7 and do 7 push-ups. Then I flip a 6 I do 6, flip a 9 i do 9, flip a 2 I do 2, flip another 9 i do 9. All the way through the deck; jack queen king worth 10, Aces 25 and jokers 50. Until I got sick and tired of what pain felt like in my gut! Shuffle em up and then do my sit ups!" 52 cards - Ray Lewis #raylewis #52cards #morningpushups #tattedup #beardandtattoos #recycleyourpain #successisbestrevenge #youwillnotoutworkme #whatsyourwhy #iwillbecomewhatiknowiam #everydayistrainingday #raiseyourstandards

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Comment from LingLing Kim:

Namaste af

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