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@Regrann from @matt_careywilliams - Today's #birthday connectors are dragons. That's right, #dragons. Those huge, gnarly, scary motherfuckers that rule the sky, breathing #fire down on our sorry asses. Signifiers of strength, mystery and, just sometimes, a cruel beauty. Robert Redford, once one of Hollywood's most dashing #actors, is here shown playing the part of the nice, old, friendly Mr. Meacham in "Pete's Dragon" (2016). A film that touches on the pillars of trust, belief, innocence and pure magic. #robertredford turns 81 today. "Green Dragon" (2001) tells the story of a group of Vietnamese refugees as they first arrive at Camp Pendleton in the US, as the #vietnamwar ends in 1975. A story of hope and survival ensues and the lead role, Sgt. Lance, was played by #patrickswayze. All-dancing, all-fighting Mr. Swayze was born on this day in 1952. "Red Dragon" (2002) is part of the #hanniballecter series. The wonderful #edwardnorton played the role of ex-FBI agent Will Graham: the hunter becomes the hunted as he dips his toe, once again, in to the madness of his nemesis Dr. Lecter in an attempt to catch the serial killer (and lover of massive William Blake #tattoos), the Tooth Fairy. Norton turns 48 today. Our last dragon is also a lover of tattoos. He's practically covered in them. It's none other than #gdragon (Kwon Ji-Yong to his Mum), part of the uber successful #kpop band #bigbang that includes my old mate #top. He's a #rapper, #singer, songwriter, #designer and all-round-fashionisto. Here he is on stage strutting his stuff in Malaysia sporting a rather fetching coat with '88' on the back. No doubt signalling the fact that G-Dragon was #borntoday in 1988. Happy Birthday dragons! #choiseunghyun #bigbangvip #made #tttop #ygentertainment #music #film #cinema #otd #koreansdoitbetter #korea #mattanddonniedocambodia

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Lay with me, my love, hold me tight and never let go.

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6 years ago today shortly after this photo was taken.i was the eighth man back and found an IED, only problem was. I was standing directly on top on it. It was an RF2F remote Det. The Marine in front of me had a guardian on. Either the guy wasn't there to set it off or the guardian jammed the single. After my brother @scott_godspeed came and took care of the situation, the report stated it was a 15lbs jug of HME. I do consider myself lucky on more then one occasion from that deployment. #marine #usmc #combat #veteran #grunt #doghandler #tattoo #tattoos #dog #dogsofinstagram #dogs #bestfriends

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