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The Place Value bundle has a NEW resource ! ‘I have, who has’ games at two different levels! If you already own it, re-download, or purchase it tonight before the price goes up tomorrow! Link in bio! ✨ #TPT #placevalue

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Encouraging children to be compassionate and kind to animals is extremely important to me. I believe that teaching children life skills and developing their emotional health is JUST as important as maths and English. This comprehension activity teaches children the importance of rescuing animals from shelters rather than buying pets from a store. It is available to download for free from my TpT store now. #adoptdontshop #compassionatestudents #kindnesstoanimals #readingcomprehension

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Can’t wait to use my whiteboards from @modernteaching to help my primary kids decode rhythms! Doing a sneaky test cos I couldn’t help myself 😛🎹🤩

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Dr. King Jr was great, but Dr. King Sr. was greater. All because he paved the way for his son to change the world ✊🏿

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Our Office Manager and Quality Controller had a morning at the Fringe and a train ride = best morning ever apparently 💕💕 @amazingdrummingmonkeys you were fantastic (thank goodness for Scott 😉)

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NO BOYS ARE ALLOWED!!! P/S: This 8 years old’s best friend is a popular girl in the class. Two of them and another two boys were assigned a groupwork but they forbade the boys from participating. I tried encouraging participation from the boys and asked the girls to let the boys to do some of the tasks, the girls insisted no. What would you do if you were me? Advice needed... . . . . . . . . . . . #teachersofinstagram #teachenglish #tesl #tesol #kids #teachingisfun #MsGwendaline #funnykids #funny #teachersfollowteachers #teacherspayteachers #teachertalk #iteachtoo #teachersbelike #girl #boy #gender #noboys #jerk

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My favourite part of my room 😍

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Warms my soul ☺️💕 In the midst of a chaotic stressful Friday, one boy in my class bought this up to me 😊 Turns out he had used his developmental time to make me this card instead of playing Lego Absolute highlight of the day and reminder of why we do what we do, day in and day out 🎁

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