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what would u pick for the first glossy brochure introducing texting to the world? Phones were designed for phone numbers & 2 teeny rows of 7 digits. I went with "CallJen 6325000" which was my sis @jenrtang & Motorola's main which is straight from my texting demos during R&D, could be fam or boss or coworker, used all 14 of the only 14 characters, got ppl thinking why u might text instead of call or use texts to trigger an actual call and possibly trigger sales to phone companies who tried calling Jen on that ! . . #textingfirst #firsttexts #motorola #mylab #viral #inventions #tweetssnapsfbetcallcopiedtexting #cellulardigitalmessagingservice #protocol #cdmp #http4texting #mybaby

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Accurate as fuck 😅

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