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Comment from shanti:

Always learn to first laugh at yourself and then with others...this is my noble wish for you @agastyaaashishmaini, unfortunately I can't yet follow it, coz I still laugh at lot at your father and lately you 😈😉❤️💕 Love this #dragonfly print shirt on #gustolove, it's by this lovely brand @alternative_ways I found at the farmers market. #priceless #fatherson #lioncub #happymommyhappybaby #family #parenting #laughter #laughteristhebestmedicine #simplejoys #thebesthingsinlifearefree ❤️🌻🦄🌈😙

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Comment from Ginger:

Ok, so I’m about to get back to the vintage, but #sorrynotsorry that I still share personal stuff sometimes. I was basically an only child. I had 2 half sisters that were grown and married before my parents were even married. Then when I was 30 my widowed mother remarried and I got 2 younger stepsisters, which is a blessing. But the real icing on the cake is my nieces and nephew. I can’t express the joy I get from them. These two snickerdoodles are the youngest of the bunch. I have unreasonably attractive and smart nieces and a nephew. Also, check out Baby E’s natural curly Mohawk!!! I cannot stop obsessing over it!!!! Sooo cute!!!!!! And the curls on big sister “Bananana” are unreal. Yes, that’s a Victorian carved black coral carved snake bracelet in Baby E’s mouth. Hey, I’m the mwacky aunt so it’s expected. #neices #neicelove #sisters #babylove #babycurls #curlyhair #curlygirls #neicesarethebest #thosecurls #thosecheeks #thoseeyes #thebesthingsinlifearefree #auntgigi #luckyaunt #proudauntie #happy #love

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Comment from DebtKickinMom:

So a little #debtfreejourney survival tip I’ve learned in the last 25 months: KNOW YOUR TRIGGERS! — Triggers are those things that just make you spend money you don’t need to! Maybe they test your #contentment and make you feel like you’d be happier if you had something else. Or maybe it’s something that makes you say heck to the budget because #YOLO!!! 💸💸 — So here are a couple of my triggers: 1. Target 🎯...Satan lives there I’m certain and he personally tempts me with bright yellow clearance signs and those obnoxiously cute dollar spots 🙄 2. Deal shopping. I love the thrill of the hunt sometimes, and I can get sucked in blindly by a “good deal” for something that I never would have purchased in the first place if it wasn’t a “good deal” doesn’t matter if you’re saving 50% when you could save 100% by simply NOT BUYING IT 🤦🏻‍♀️ — People can sometimes be a trigger, places, things (makeup, clothes, kitchen gadgets, whatevs)...however it might come up I encourage you to take a look at your spending triggers and do something PROACTIVE (meaning you make the effort and DO something) to keep them at bay. For instance, I no longer go to Target. Like AT ALL. I just don’t go there. And with deal shopping, I practice the “reverse method”...I just made that up 🙃🤣 but it works. Check out my stories today when I talk about my caution/disclaimer when using things like Ibotta or coupons to get a “good deal”..I explain what I mean by “reverse method “ 🙃 — What are your triggers??? Leave a comment because I guarantee you someone in the #debtfreecommunity can relate!! 🙋🏻‍♀️ — #triggers #spendinghabits #survivaltip #debtfree #consumerism #temptation #target #ibotta #deals #financialpeace #memoriesoverthings #thebesthingsinlifearefree #studentloans #payingoffdebt #babystep2 #personalfinance #minimalism #intentionalism #frugalliving #daveramsey #financialpeaceuniversity @daveramsey

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