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Comment from Jacklyn Launi:

We're about to become parents of THREE. How did that happen? Feels like we just went on our first date to the little Italian restaurant in Harrisonburg. Then bam. Here we are 12 years later. Times flies when you're with the one you love. More pics from our maternity session and thoughts from life band pregnancy are on the blooooog. Link in bio. . 📷: @kirstynmariephotography

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There are dreams that are worth pursuing ☆ _ Bucket List Art Prints on Also available at: 📍 Commonn Room- ATC 📍 The Craft Central - Greenbelt 5 and SM North #morocco #marakesh

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Comment from Kaitlin Wernet:

ARE WE OUT OF THE WOODS YET? Sometimes my deepest, neediest prayers line up with Taylor Swift lyrics and that’s just fine. 🙌🏻This one has been on repeat for the past (very hard) six months and I’m just grateful that even though I’m not out of the woods, He is with us in the wilderness. 📷: @simonandmoose

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Comment from Jennie Tewell:

Hey friends! There are some new faces around here so I wanted to take this opportunity to say hi and let y’all get to know me a little better. 🌸 This week was just crazy. All three of my girls had the flu. Ashlyn ended up having to be admitted to the hospital for a few days.🤒 I’m so thankful they are all better now. I took several days off of work to take care of them so I’m looking forward to getting caught up this week! 👩🏼‍💻 🌸I’m a new dog mom to Lulu. We have never been “pet people” but the girls have wanted a dog for years, so we finally caved. She is so fun and she is finally getting settled. It’s safe to say we have become dog people. She is a super cool dog too! Even Andrew loves her! We are still working on house training, but I think she is finally getting the hang of it. 🙌🏻 #lucyluluthepoodle 🐩 🌸 My camera broke on me last night while shooting a wedding. 😩 So sad!! I’m just thankful for backups and insurance. 🌸 I have some super exciting things happening with my business. I can’t share much about it now. But exciting things are coming! Stay tuned!! 🤗 I absolutely love what I do and I seriously have the best job ever! 📸 🌸I hate getting my picture made. It’s ironic that I’m a photographer. I’m just thankful for sweet friends that will take my photo without making me feel super awkward! Thanks @elizabethgelineau! 💗 #weddingphotography #risingtidesociety #shootandshare #communityovercompetition #stylemepretty #loveintentionally #elopementphotographer #loveauthentic #weddingseason #creativepreneur #calledtobecreative #savvybusinessowner #theinstagramlab #chasinglight #theeverygirl #mycreativebiz #girlboss

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Comment from KARINA LAURA:

Ok time to get serious and apply my social media marketing to my own etsy shop @thehennatribe and develop my calender. Planning... important👍

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Comment from Abby Murphy:

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Sunday nights like 😫 Im pretty sure my baby girl (who’s not really a baby anymore at 12 years old 🙁) has the flu! Spent my day loving on her and planning for the week! Bring on the hustle 💪🏼

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Comment from Brush Strokes:

Super chill weekend complete!! Finished up my taxes (part 1), tackled the grocery store and took some serious naps in between 😴 Man friends...I forgot how much I love little siestas. What about you? Any fun happenings this weekend?

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Sundays always make me feel the weirdest blend of productive and lazy, who’s with me?! 😂 One thing I LOVE to do on Sundays is set my goals for the upcoming week! Whether it is professional or personal, I want to hear your top 3 priorities this week! ✨🤩 MINE ARE: 1) Go to 3 yoga classes and walk every day🧘🏼‍♀️✨ 2) Invest one full work day into developing my email list (Pssst: In case you missed it, you can watch a recording of my live email webinar if you click the link in my bio!) 3) Get all packed and ready for Hawaii! SO excited! 🌞😍 Okay, now it’s your turn! Tell me what you’re shooting for this week and let’s make it happen!

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Comment from RubySky Photography:

So many pretty wedding dress details...loved the delicate crisscrossing straps on the back of Bonnie’s dress! The accents of lace and the removable draped sleeves completed this statement look! #rubyskyphotography #virginiaweddingphotographer

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👩🏻‍🏫 Course Creators: Do you know what your learner wants to get out of your course? Sometimes I talk to educators who have a really strong sense of what THEY want people to get out of their courses, but they are less clear on the learner perspective. Ideally, your goals and those of your learners will align, but matching your course design to what your audience needs won't necessarily happen by accident. So how can you clarify what your learner (or potential learner) is thinking? 1️⃣Do some market research! Ask learners to reply to your welcome emails, include polls in your stories, keep track of the themes that come up in comments and questions on your posts. Market research sounds intimidating but it can actually be fun and really easy to get started with. Check out my stories for more details on my favorite easy tips for conducting market research! 🌸

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Comment from BRICK:

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Comment from Jenn Wagner Studio:

Last week I got to hang out and shoot some headshots with the girls of @andrealeslieweddings! We got to stroll the gorgeous property of the brand new @mountainshadowsaz in Scottsdale and snap a few photos while we went! Anyone else excited for this amazing new wedding location that looks right to Camelback Mountain? We can’t wait to shoot a few wedding there this spring! Yay! So while I was taking some behind the scenes photos, it struck me just how much a wedding planner has to do, not just on a wedding day, but leading up to it! On top of that how much insight they have to putting on an amazing day! I know wedding photos, but I don’t know upcoming trends and how to make the most of your day! So I interviewed Andrea, head planner, and loved her insight and just had to share it with you guys! So here are some Q/A from some amazing wedding planners here in the Valley! #weddingplanner #planyourwedding #azweddinfplanner #theknot #jennwagnerstudio #azweddingphotographers #azweddingphotographer #shesaidyes #thatsdarling #bridalinspiration #wedding #planningawedding #huffpostido #azluxurywedding #realwedding #weddingwire #soloverly #pursuepretty #luxurywedding #jwbride #loveauthentic #scottsdaleweddingphotographer #theinstagramlab #darlingmovement

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Comment from Chelsea Brinkley:

Snow days are the best! ❄️

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Comment from Taylor McKay:

I met Emily a few years ago, long before I had my business and one of my favorite things to learn is how people find me, and to pay attention to how things come full circle in life. I’ve met some of the best people, and rekindled so many friendships through this business. Each client has truly enriched my life beyond measure and I know it’s no coincidence. I say it to each of my clients all the time, but I will forever limit my wedding clients simply so I never have to forego the genuine relationships I make in being intentional about preserving that time to love on my people every chance I get. To have coffee dates whenever and however often I want to, to hang out before, during and after their big days have come and gone. It’s what makes this entire thing worth it and SO much more than a paycheck. It keeps me excited, creative, and fulfilled. I love my couples beyond words and I was SO, so excited when Emily decided to become an #ltpbrides. Between hanging out with these two and the weather we had, this afternoon was good for my soulllll. #YouStoleMyHartman

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Comment from Shanda Call:

Every morning I stand and face my now 5 year old before she runs to catch the bus and we put our hands together in front of us in a prayer hold 🙏🏻 over our heart chakra and we bow to each other. “Namaste” she says to me in her tiny sweet voice. “Namaste” I say to her. And we smile at each other. She always giggles a little. My very favorite sound she makes. She spends the next few seconds telling me all the things she is thankful for, her monkey stickers, marshmallow cereal, her aspen, dance, candy, movies, and I in turn tell her what I’m thankful for. Her smile, her hugs, her sisters, that she gets to go to school to learn. That she makes me happy. Then we spend a moment in silence and meditate, each saying our own personal offering to our higher power. This morning routine has become my favorite thing. This is how we connect with one another, and each of my children like to connect differently. But this is her way. And I love it. I honor her in what works best for her to connect. NAMASTE. I honor the soul in you, and you honor the soul in me. ❤️🌗

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