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These were taken exactly 20 years ago... on my first birthday. Damn time sure flies #throwback

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Take me back to circa 2003, maybe between 2002-2006, those were the good old days. I remember my daddy taking me up to Stockton every weekend, sometimes for a week at a time. Hanging out in your room, no fb, no cell phones, no social media, it was just us. We lived like we knew it all, & we thought we did. I remember blastin pretty ricky & is trying to pierce my belly button because my mama wouldn’t let me get mine pierced like yours was lol i remember your birthday when we turned 12, you wanted a cell phone so bad & your daddy played it up so good, you swore you had one & you was so mad when you opened it up & it was a toy😂 (I hate this picture of me, but it’s the only one i could find since our friendship came before the iPhones or social media lol) i remember summers & Friday nights at the skating rink. I remember you introducing me to “love spell” by VS, & is stayin at Fal’s house all the time. Going to jasmines & takin honey everywhere with us. I remember transferring schools to be a cheerleader with my best friend. I remember so many things, but what i don’t remember is why we grew apart. Take me back to those days when we had no worries & all the time in the world. I hate we grew up & apart, but you’ll always be a huge piece of my heart, you will be missed by so many people, nute. I love you, but i know you’re rejoicing in heaven with that baby boy of yours. RIP Billie Jo🖤 #middleschooldays #middleschoolbestfriends #middleschoolbesties #takemeback #restinpeace #rememberwhen #thosewerethedays #goodolddays #bestfriends #gonetoosoon #rip #cheerleaders #flashback #throwback #thirteenyearsold

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#throwback My personal favorite - "I do not rule my dreams, my dreams rule me" (Takashi Murakami, 2010) #art

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Remember to always start your day with a balanced breakfast

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