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Pretty much

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(1) Prior to our coming to Earth around 18,000,000 years ago, we inhabited the planet Maldek which we destroyed through atomic explosion. This being the case, each and every one of us is from another planet – Maldek. What remains of the physical structure of this planet is now the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. (2) Sometimes advanced extraterrestrials from the higher vibratory planes of other planets in this Solar System cause a part of their consciousness to be born on Earth in order to help mankind in certain ways. These beings are known as Cosmic Avatars, and include Masters such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Confucius, Lao Zi, Moses and St Peter. When their mission is completed, they leave Earth. It should be stressed that they do not need to be born on Earth, as we do, in order to gain experience. They are born here purely in self-sacrifice due to their great compassion in order to help us. They are, without exception, outstanding individuals who lead extraordinary lives and make an extraordinary contribution to mankind’s advancement. In short, in The Aetherius Society we do not believe that we lived on another planet in our last incarnations, as do some people in the New Age/UFO movement, and we would be disinclined to believe such claims of others. #aetheriussociety #maldek //// #johnwilliamwaterhouse Hylas and the Nymphs 1896

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