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I'm going away on Saturday so i need to start packing today 😩 . . @coastahl

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— ❦; " Sherlock" Comment '❤' if you want to see it marked on the next post.. This episode is so funny, Oh MY GOD I'M SO TIRED (as always). I'm not really liking this theme, my feed is getting more horrible still . •q: Have you seen Sherlock? If you do not watch, it's very good. •a: Yeah

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Comment from Riverdale:

Hey guys it’s Raph (the admin) I just wanted to remind you all how much I love every single one of you ,, I know it’s pretty hard to be happy and motivated when it’s winter time but please keep smiling ,, you’re all strong enough to get through the cold time 💞 what’s your favorite tv show at the moment ?

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