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SWIPEEE 👈🏽🍌 from wednesday’s #deltday (day 91 of #surgeryprep 2) — During prep, I have to focus on movement, time under tension and form; more on finesse and detail work. Heavy weights/Lower Reps help me gain size, which is necessary in my off (growth) season. Less weight/more reps help bring out muscle detail, the veins, and cuts, bringing out the muscle intricacies. This WORKS for me. During prep my strength goes down (it’s supposed to), and that makes lifting for gains kinda pointless (I’m eating in a deficit; in order to BUILD you have to be eating in a surplus). So my shoulder day right NOW, consists of: tricep extensions, bicep curls, SA DB front raises (straight, inward and outward + overhand, hammer & underhand), SA DB medial raise (arms straight and bent), DB seated rear delt fly, rear delt cable pulls, anterior SA cable raises, machine medial raises, machine rear delt fly, assisted pull ups and shoulder rotations in between all of it. Unfortunately these photos were all taken AFTER cardio (so my pump was TOTALLY gone) ...le sigh! 🤫😂 All clothing tagged in the photo! #bouldershoulders #veins #vascularity #onedayatatime #motivated #glutes #tunnelvision #mindset #delts #biceps #posing #mutant #futureWPD #titan #justdontstop #lyssjfit

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Gm FBF & Friends Today is game Occ vs Finger Lakes, the game at Cayuga Community College... If ya not doing nothing pull up and support... If you can’t it’s cool just wish me and the bro’s goodluck... #TunnelVision #Lazergang

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