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Comment from Gabriel Morón 👣:

Energic ME is BACK 💪

1 Minutes ago

I've been wondering for days: how many taxis have I taken in all these years? How many buses have I boarded? And I decided to compile the photos I have taken on the subject, at different times in the last 3 years. 2018 will be a year of mobility. The feeling that life is approaching 30 years has made me reflect on how important it is to go to other paths, start to take our variegated existential comforts to the uncertainty of places and experiences that we had not felt before. I think that this idea is in accordance with God's plan to promote us, to educate ourselves on the journey we must go through, to build those lessons that enrich this incredible journey that is life. This year has started in the worst possible way but there is an interiority that makes me convinced that it will be different: the absolute presence of God in the affairs of my life. Let's go with everything! #letsmoving #elinviernodecarlitos #canonrebelt5 #huaweip10plus #photography2018 #photographyexperience #urbanphotography #taxidrivers #tegucigalpa #Honduras

2 Minutes ago