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Comment from Alex Bule:

Found out where the filmed the Polar Express.

1 Minutes ago

Comment from Cécile D:

Le cœur de la terre , vu du ciel entre Lyon et Francfort ❄️🧡❄️🧡

3 Minutes ago

Comment from Patrick Eichler:

Miss the long days in Norway.

5 Minutes ago

"When we live our lives pursuing pleasure and avoiding pain, we only live half our lives. When we try to avoid the other half, the suppression of pain makes us insensitive, dull, rigid. " -Paul Rezendes

5 Minutes ago

Comment from Marielena & Jason:

I have always loved waterfalls. I find listening to the water's roar and watching the power incredibly calming. And, of course I admire the rainbows that often result from the mist. ____ Visiting Iguazu Falls had always been high on my wish list. After scoring mileage tickets and a free hotel with Starwood points, we were excited to visit Iguazu at the end of our South America trip, which also included trekking in Chilean and Argentinian Patagonia and enjoying fantastic wines in Mendoza, Argentina. __ At the time of that visit, I neither owned a tripod nor knew anything about long exposure photography. We still loved the handheld images we captured that day, especially the double rainbow. To this day, it's still one of my favorite waterfalls. What's is your favorite waterfall? __ Since people have found the photography tips I've learned helpful, I published a new blog post on Epic7Travel today "15 Photography Tips to Wow and Engage People" that you might find interesting.

7 Minutes ago

Comment from elwitz:

So.. I guess.. winter is here? 🤔❄️

9 Minutes ago

Comment from Alex Seidl:

Just a few miles away from Berchtesgaden lies Salzburg with its famous castle. 🏰🇦🇹

9 Minutes ago

Comment from Gökhan Kutar:

Day 1 / Walking and feeling the fresh air.🚶🏻‍♂️💆🏻‍♂️ Weather is nice. 🌞 Lucky i am. Cute small house at Gölcük Lake. 🏡🌲

10 Minutes ago

Comment from Lydia Harper:

Wont someone just pay me to go around the world taking photos of plants?

11 Minutes ago

Comment from Visual•Photographer:

Hello Family, I’m proud to share with you this awesome realization I made two days ago in my street town. I decided to play with reflections cause it rained before this photo !! What do you think of this one ? Cheers Family !! . Technic : I used my compact expert camera SonyRX-100M1, ISO800, f,1,8 and 1/50s. I played with bokeh too with those xmas lights & made the focus on this jar. . Camera : @sony @sonyvisuals @sonyrxmoments . . . . . . . . . . . . #SonyRXmoments #heatercentral #feedbacknation #centraltones #way2ill #yngkillers #liveauthentic #lifeofadventure #folkup #edgygrams #agameoftones #IllGrammers #MoodyGrams #roamtheplanet #canon_photos #earth_escape #earthisunique #artofvisuals #visualsoflife #folkscenery #visualambassadors #AcreativeVisual #MillionDollarVisuals #VACATIONUP #trappingtones #CreativeOptic #creativegrams #themoodyvisual #theIMAGED #instagram

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