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Comment from Alan Dunkin:

Night of the comet.

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Comment from ANTHONYKDO:

"I must go, my people need me." -that guy probably. . . How insanely beautiful is Western Canada??! I am a firm believer that when you jump into water that is GLACIER COLD, as you surface... you will make sounds you have never heard your voice do before

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Comment from Rob Blackwood:

Lossiemouth 👌

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Comment from Hi, I'm Paulo:

The security guard wanted me to delete these pictures...he playin 😂

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Maybe we’re not done flying for 2017 after all! Just got word we may take advantage of this unseasonably warm weather and make it out for a few more flights before the New Year 👏🏻 ✈️

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Comment from Jen Johnson:

I have an unhealthy obsession with these @ikeacanada pouffs 😍

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“i’m an art student” —a phrase i have said at least 5 times a day since 2014🙈 i wrote a little bit about my experience in art + design these past four years + i’d love it if you read it💛 link in bio

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