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Fire Island Pines, NY 8/19/2017: Harbor.

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We were in Baton Rouge today for the US Business Council for Sustainable Development's Water Synergy meeting. This exquisite view was the backdrop for our conversation today. We learned a lot about projects in the works across Louisiana's coast and discussed next actions for creating a more resilient and sustainable region. Being in Baton Rouge today was significant because this time last year, the city and surrounding communities experienced excessive rainfall, causing widespread floods that devastated homes and businesses. Our thoughts are with those who have spent the last year rebuilding, and in some cases are still rebuilding. The context of this meeting was significant because as we work with water, it's important to take actions that will mitigate that kind of destruction in the future. We must work with water and build back better. You can read more about how we can do this together through the link in our bio. 🌱🌳🌎 . . Thanks to @theh2oinstitute for hosting today!

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#TODAY ... #summeronasolitarybeach ❤ _______________________ [Passammo l'estate su una spiaggia solitaria... E nel pomeriggio, quando il sole ci nutriva, di tanto in tanto un grido copriva le distanze e l'aria delle cose diventava irreale. Mare mare mare voglio annegare, portami lontano a naufragare. Via via via da queste sponde, portami lontano sulle onde... > Franco Battiato / Summer on a solitary beach >>]

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