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Comment from Happy Healthy Smart:

Building strong bones should always start in childhood and it is something to work out throughout your life. Because as we grow old, our bones become more brittle and weaker. But a nutritious diet, right exercise and with the help of bone supplements, we could achieve strong and healthy structure. #HappyHealthySmart #buildstrongbones #strongerbones #strongbones #healthybones #healthierbones #nutritiousdiet #bonesupplements #rightexercise #activelifestyle #healthystructure #balanceddiet #nutritious #wellness #bonewellness #healthylifestyle #healthydiet #healthyfoods #bonevtamins #strontium #exercise #healthtips #healthgoals #healthplans #lifestyle

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Comment from Kee-Kee, Inc.:

Good morning black man. I believe in you. I believe in your dreams. I believe in your capabilities. Do the impossible today. ❤ Hi, I'm Kee-Kee. The founder and CEO of Kee-Kee, Inc., a life coaching and consulting firm. Today is day 2 of 30 days of loving, encouraging and speaking life into black men. For 30 days I want the conversations about black men to change from negative, hateful, and violent to positive, hopeful and encouraging. Please share with others and feel free to leave POSITIVE comments below. Any and all negativity will be deleted. #keekeeinc #keekeeskeys #bebetter #blackmen #blackbeardedmen #blacklivesmatter #blackboy #blackboyjoy #blackboymagic #blackfamily #blackceo #africanamericanman #africanamericanmale #lifecoach #lifecoaching #consultant #consulting #christian #christiancoach #psychology #psychologystudent #futuredoctor #futuredr #selfhelp #wellness

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Yoga: Teaching me how not to be a mouth breather, one flow at a time. 🤓

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Se ⤵️ 1⃣Vuoi collaborare con uno specialista del settore 2⃣Incrementare il guadagno senza costosi corsi di marketing 3⃣Acquisire nuova clientela e fidelizzare quella già preesistente 📅È aperto il calendario del 2018 per Open day di: ✅Check-up ✅Anamnesi ✅Diagnosi 💻Con l'utilizzo di dispositivi diagnostici di viso e corpo per l'estetica 🌐Zone⤵️ 🌎Tutta Italia Verranno stilati protocolli PERSONALIZZATI, secondo il MIO METODO DI LAVORO, attraverso le migliori apparecchiature di estetica avanzata. NO AZIENDE!!!!!!! #estetista #consulenteestetico #skincare #openday #wellness #dermatologia #viso #corpo

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Comment from The Sweat Life:

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Comment from Chiara Corsaletti:

🦋IL BARATTOLO DELLA CALMA🦋 ~Il barattolo della calma, conosciuto anche come bottiglietta della calma è uno strumento ispirato al metodo Montessori che viene utilizzato per riportare i bambini in una situazione di equilibrio dopo un pianto o un litigio.~ •Il barattolo della calma contiene dei brillantini colorati. Basta scuoterlo per creare una piccola magia. Il bambino per qualche minuto viene attirato dal barattolo e si ferma ad osservare i brillantini che lentamente ricadono sul fondo.• *Si tratta di un modo semplice per riportare l’attenzione del bambino al momento presente.* OCCORRENTE:✍🏻 – 1 barattolo di vetro con coperchio – 1-2 cucchiai di colla glitter – 3-4 cucchiaini di brillantini – 1 goccia di colorante alimentare – Acqua calda #Chiara_W_LifeStyle #CommunityTNS #TeamNewStars #happy #lovely #benesserea360º #wellness #segui_me_e_torna_in_forma #cambia_la_tua_vita #ZapModalitàOn #hello #chiaracorsaletti #roma #MAIsmetteredisognare

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Love is the main ingredient ❤️

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Comment from Mauricio Grechi:

Já ouviu aquela frase que: " O que te te faz engordar não é o que vc come entre Natal e ano novo, mas sim entre o ano novo e o natal" rssss Já prometeu para si mesma que 2018 será diferente ?

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Comment from Switch Playground NYC:

Our Playground - the calm before the storm.

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Comment from Switch Playground:

Our Playground - the calm before the storm.

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Comment from NeuroBox:

Your physiology affects your psychology. Simply changing your posture can affect your mood and energy! Think about your posture when you're feeling sad (typically slouchy and scrunched), versus when you're feeling joyful (typically straight and open!). It's hard to be energized and happy when you're slouching! A simple trick to keep great posture is to imagine a balloon floating over your head, lengthening your spine and holding you up! 🎈 Try it out and let us know how it goes.

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Comment from PickTheBrain:

‘Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.’ - Theodore Roosevelt #quotes

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Comment from Tori Finden:

The 8 limbs of yoga or as I like to call it the guide to a well balanced and healthy life. I am still working on many of them and that’s the beautiful part - that each are an eternal practice, a practice that will change and grow as you do. Which ones do you practice? Comment below I would love to know x

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