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Comment from Ian G. "Goat" Fraser:

~ Retreating Soldier Crabs, Brighton, May 28, 2011 ~ These are Mictyris longicarpus, the light-blue soldier crab, very common in coastal Queensland but found as far away as the Bay of Bengal. Armies emerge at low tide to forage, but just the vibration of human feet will send the whole battalion burrowing to safety in seconds - so getting close without a long lens is nerve-wracking! (This was taken with a point-&-shoot.) Fun fact: Soldiers are among the few crab species which have evolved to walk forwards rather than sideways.

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Racing in the streets

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Comment from Molly Garner:

#worldwhaleday 🐳 Taken in Resurrection Bay, Alaska, on the roughest boat ride of my life. It was pouring with rain and I was battling with sea sickness but it was by far the best views of humpbacks I’ve had. This individual was having a great time, breaching over and over again. Fingers crossed for an opportunity like this again now I have a tripod and better camera (hopefully on a calmer day) 🤞

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