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Comment from Mack Roth:

They say the milky way is out of this world when it comes out to play up here. We had a full moon, meaning we didn't have much in the way of stars. Call us lucky, call us not but we didn't happen to see it this time. Instead what we did see was the mountains lit first by a silver sun and then a golden one. We saw the moon set, the sun rise and all the beautiful colours that come in between. This shot was taken sometime before 5 am just after the moon had sunk behind the mountaintops. It was -15 degrees and f****** freezing sitting out there watching the world spin. And you know what? With the cold, without the stars, I didn't mind one bit. It may not have been how we drew it up, but I would do it all again anyways. It was still 100% worth it.

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Comment from Joyce Hoeven:

The whole day we were hoping for the sun to appear for the magical strokes of sunlight to shine in between the trees... I guess in total we had 2 minutes of sun throughout our 3 hour stroll in the forest. We decided to head back and drive towards home where at that moment... in the car... During golden hour... The sun appears as if it's been locked up in a dark box for days. Suddenly the world transformed and colored in this creamy yellow haze and soft pink skies. What a wonderful world it can be!

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Comment from Milky Way Chasers:

Mikey MacKinven at Te Hapu — REPOST: @mack_photography_nz from chosen by @matthewsavillephoto — MWC Admin: @tracyleephotos --- #milkywaychasers to be featured or post on Tag a friend who might enjoy this Milky Way image and journey! --- From Mikey about this image: --- Farewell, Mrs Milky Way. STACK One thing I love about workshops, is finding places that haven't been shot before. Finding crazy landscapes around Te Hapu wasn't hard, the place is full of them! Rock formations just like Punakaiki (pancake rocks) but without the crowds = epic! Farewell, Mrs Milky Way, you will be missed over the next few months. 12 image stack, Canon 6D + Samyang 14mm ƒ2.4 lens 20 sec, ƒ2.8 and 6400 ISO. Stacked in Starry Landscape Stacker, edited in LR/PS. IG: --- . . . . . #longexposure_shots  #nightimages  #nightshooterz  #nightshooters  #nightpics  #milkywaygalaxy  #astrophotography  #astrophoto  #astro_photography_  #astro_photography  #longexposure  #longexpohunter  #longexpo  #amazing_longexpo  #amazingearth  #natgeospace  #milkyway #nightphotography #night_excl #amazingphotohunter #fantasticuniverse

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Comment from Danilo Lewis:

Views from the six... 🇨🇦

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Comment from Wonderful Places:

Thailand Koh Samui🏝🛶

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Delicious 😋🍪

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