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Comment from Nikhil:

यूँही जब किसी रोज़ मन में बोहत सी चीज़ें चल रही होती हैं ओर मन विचलित होकर बोहत तंग करता हे तो, में इन कितांबो के पास चला जाता हुँ, जेसे-जेसे पड़ना शुरू करता हुँ इन्हें वेसे-वेसे उसमें उकेरे हुए लफ़्ज़ों से मुझे मना लिया करती हें, कभी सिने से लगाकर दिल हल्का कर लेता हुँ तो कभी उनको रातों में तकिया सी सिर्हाने रख कर सोजाया करता हुँ, तो कभी जब निराश हताश सा नज़र आता हुँ तो अपने पन्नों की बाँहें खोलकर प्यारसे पुचकार भी दिया करती हें...उन्हें में, साथी कहूँ, माशूका कहूँ या कहूँ शिक्षक, नहीं जानता, ना जानू क्या रिश्ता हे इनका मुझसे, मग़र हक़ीक़त में कहूँ तो में इनके बग़ैर संघर्ष नहीं कर सकता 😘📖📚🤗 _______________________________________ #किताँबोकादीवाना #happythought #saturdaylatenightpost #hindipoems #hindipoetry #kavita #nazm #gazal #poets #writer #writersofinstagram #poetsofinstagram #readers #bookholic #kavitasangrah #random #click #learner #observer #listener #of #book

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Comment from Little.Dodie.Fan:

“My room feels wrong” • I step into a home that's not quite mine. The ground underneath my feet, though unchanged feels different somehow. I step carefully not wanting to destroy the alien home. I look around at the walls, they have been painted. The memories underneath gone over with an eraser. They are plastered with pictures and the paintings previously there are gone. And though the pictures are of me, they feel like they are not mine. I walk around, instinct taking over when I slam into the gate. A taller one than I left at hallway entrance. I turn the corner ready for the familiarity of my bedroom. But When i walk in, I see the room has shifted. The bed I once slept in each night, cried in, lived in now lies at the opposite corner of the room and I cannot claim it as mine. I walk the steps on autopilot the rest of the day. Going through the motions and sometimes realizing those motions have changed. I go to the living room searching for any sign that this was once my home. But the people have changed too. Their faces the same but their personality completely void of anything i once knew. I strike up conversation looking to get the old reactions I used too. But everyone is too distracted. No one bothers to notice my cry for help. I lie in the strange bed for hours but the sensation that my life has transformed without my knowledge will not go away. I stay awake through the night in the unfamiliar place. A place that I used to know as home. But now might as well just be a house like any other. • Oof well wasn’t that dramatic. A while ago my mom renovated our house while I was away with some other family members for the summer. She had good intentions but even though she told me about the change, it didn’t go so well when I came back. I fell into a dissociative episode and it really messed me up. Everything’s fine now, and I love my home 💖Hope you liked it. What was your favorite line??💛 - - - - - - #dodieclark #dodie #dodieyellow #dodieclarkfanpage #dodieaesthetic #fan #fanpage #youtuber #youtube #youtuberfanpage #love #cover #singer #beautiful #idol #perfect #rolemodel #writersofinstagram #writing #dissociation #writerscommunity #writer #goals #doddleoddle

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Comment from Whitney Roberts Hill:

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Comment from Luiz Bertini:

Dolores 0` Riordan se foi esta semana. Uma moça linda com um voz linda. Alguém que eu escutava desde seu primeiro disco. Como apenas um fã que sou, enxergava ela como uma boa pessoa, alguém que fazia músicas com contextos bons e que falava ao meu coração. Alguns falam de sua briga com uma aeromoça, mas poucos saber de seus problemas com transtorno bipolar e com sua infância problemática. Talvez ela tenha se matado. Mas não julgo ninguém, nem ela nem ninguém, não tenho elevação moral para isto. Apenas fico triste, pois sou espirita. Agora apenas escorre uma lágrima de meus olhos, e a esperança é que esta lágrima possa alcançá-la e lhe trazer um pouco de paz. Dolores O'Riordan is gone this week. A beautiful girl with a beautiful voice. Someone I have been listening to since her first album.  As just a fan I am, I saw her as a good person, someone who made songs with good contexts and that spoke to my heart.  Some speak of their quarrel with a flight attendant, but few know of their problems with bipolar disorder and their troubled childhood.  Maybe she killed herself. However, I do not judge anyone, neither she nor anyone, I have no moral elevation for this. I am just sad because I am a spirits.  Now only a tear drips from my eyes, and the hope is that this tear may reach it and bring you some peace. #rock #cranberries #musica #literatura #literatura #literature #esperança #leitura #leitores #leitoras #leitura #readers #writer #writersofinstagram #textos #textosmb #textosbonitos #texts #pensamentos

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Comment from Eduina:

"Dear diary, My heart once beated for you but now it has became flat. As flat as the line that constantly beats that repetitive rhythm, which no one likes the sound of apart from me. You once meant something to me. I desired your attention; craved for your touch and wanted your love. Now I notice that it wouldn't be enough, wouldn't be satisfied with the outcome. It was never my intention to cause this awkwardness but it has gone too far. I cannot say that my time has been wasted but I do wish some words were left unsaid, or rather images kept secret. It has ruined who we were, and definitely who we are now. And sadly, I'm afraid to say that our time has come and you should go as there is nothing left that I feel for you. Joanna" #writerslife #writersofinstagram #writings #writer #writerscommunity #writersblog #authorsofinstagram #authorscommunity #authorsofig #authors #authornetwork #authorsblog #readersofinstagram #reader #readersofig #readers #readerlife #readersnetwork #readerscommunity #bookstagram #bookish #book #books #bookworm #bookworld #booknerds #diaryentry #latenightdiaries #latenightthoughts

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