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✨Sisterhood✨Join our #SisterAsana Challenge from 21-27 of March 💘・ ・ Sisterhood is magical. Even though we might not see each other, we are still connected. These moments, when we feel down and suddenly a sister calls, ready to support... Or just the simple luck to have an amazing time together!! —> You can still join the challenge @nathalie.heinze @lisafuchsyoga @syama.masla @ohmat . How you can participate (see 2nd picture above) ・ 🌟 Sweet Hosts: @yogawesermarsch @leazubak @arigadoryoga @ainania_yoga @inabatziakas @yoga_mit_lucie . 🌟 Lovely Sponsors: @feetup @yogaconferencehamburg @casalltraining @hoffnungstraeger_hamburg @madhavi.ehrhardt . 🌟🌟🌟 . #yoga #asana #challenge #yogaeverywhere #bliss #community #connection #support #trust #practice #together #SisterAsana

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I was told long ago, that the hardest part of a yoga class is showing up. . In November of last year, I started noticing things about my health which I didn’t give much focus too. To hold myself accountable, I started practicing yoga at home at least four times a week, in addition, to teaching at least four yoga classes a week. . Fast forward to this past week. I can barely find the energy to get out of bed. Everything in my body hurts. Standing for more than 15 minutes is not an option. My legs begin to give out, and my lower back starts throbbing in pain, I get light-headed and dizzy. All I want to do is lay on a heating pad and sleep. So needless to say, practicing yoga was the last thing on my mind. I was scared that I wasn’t even going to have the energy to package and ship out the Survival Boxes when I was supposed too. . . I have ultrasounds and appointments with specialists scheduled for next week, but until I have answers for why I am feeling the way I am, I can only do my best and show up when I am able. . . I am posting this video of my practice today to make up and complete the yoga challenge I told myself I would do. (Pardon the belly, I just honestly don’t care) I'm here in all my glory! . . has kept me motivated by sending me healing Reiki energy and a lot of love. . #northwardequinoxtribe Day 4 #Air 🌬 Day 5 #Moon 🌙 Day 6 #Sun ☀️ Day 7 #Solar 🌌 . . Beautiful Hosts: @anywhere_yoga @elliegriffinyoga . . 🙏 I want to thank you for hosting this fantastic challenge. I look forward to future challenges you may be hosting. ✨ . . Amazing Sponsors: @callalifebox @yourbondhu @confusedgirlla @northernstaryoga @greenbeanreloved . . . #selflove #namaste #travelinggypsyhippie #yoga #spreadloveandlight #mindfulness #dream #release #yearoflove #happiness #abundance #letgo #yogaeverywhere #yogawithmydog #conneted #marchyogachallenge #healing

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❌ marks the spot!! 💎💗 You can ne ver have enough arm 🍬!!

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