😂😂😂😂 The Shit people come up with

5 Days ago


7 Days ago


21 Days ago

My baby Girl sleeps beautiful ✊😘🤗 Daddy Loves You to Death

25 Days ago

And now you sleep 😂😘 stay up all damn night now you sleep lol nah... wake up 😂

30 Days ago

Too early for this Zaryah 🙅

30 Days ago

Daddy got you 🚼✊🚼

33 Days ago

Singing to my princess goodnight 🤗😂 #ZayahRose

33 Days ago

She just want to chill 💯😎 daddy's little princess

34 Days ago

I promise to be the best father ever! I promise love you til death! I promise to protect you from these fuck boys! Daddy promise to teach you how yo be book/street smart. Zaryah Baby DADDY GOT YOUR BACK FOREVER 💯🚼😎 #My1stkid #SheNeedsANickName #ProudFather #ProtectiveFather

34 Days ago

One of my very 1st beats I made when I 1st started making beats 💯 WHAT Y'ALL THINK THO

37 Days ago
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46 Days ago

Old to me new to you 😁😇

47 Days ago

I was the 1st

61 Days ago

All I know is heat. I make beats that you can feel. Let the beat it self tell a story.

61 Days ago