TOOOOOOOO SWEEEEET!!! 💥💥. Did you take care of you today so you can take care of others? 🤔. Did you push yourself just a little bit more so you are better than yesterday? 🤔. Are you still trying to “find the time”? 🤔. You are either a priority or your not. What is holding you back???

16 Hours ago

Not a good start. 😳😪😳🤪Cardio! Boom! Feeling good now cause I was not before the workout. Not feeling well... also feeling a bit stressed about life stuff. But after? Focused! Energized! Ready! I LOVE working out!!! LOL!! Nothing like taking care of yourself to help elevate the stress!!! YESSSSS!!

1 Days ago

Holiday or not... NEVER MISS A MONDAY. 💥💥💥

2 Days ago

If your inner shit talker is making you doubt yourself... take it from me: your inner shit talker is full of shit! 💩💩💩💩. Yes! I just used 4 poop emojis! 🤣. Stop with the bullshit and start using your powers for positivity. It’s in you! Fire it up!!!

4 Days ago

I can think of way WORSE things to be obsessed about! 🤔. “Why do you workout sooooo much?Why do you eat so healthy? You’re not living! You’re punishing yourself... live a little!” Holy F&! I do it because I WANT TO LIVE! To my fullest potential! To not wake up dreading the day... or feeling like shit... or wake up sick... Ya! IM OBSESSED! Obsessed with getting better every damn day!

5 Days ago

You will have a decision to make. Do you keep doing things the way you have been doing them forever... getting nowhere fast... Or do you make a change. Actually take steps to do and be better. This is my crossroads. This is where the journey gets interesting... We shall see...

6 Days ago

I’m fine. I’m here. Still grinding. Sometimes you have to step back to step forward.

7 Days ago

FLEX SATURDAY! ...that's a thing right?? 🤔😂 Well today it is because we have to celebrate what was indeed an incredible week! Today is the last day of the first week of our brand new fitness and nutrition program that we are sharing with some amazing clients and coaches. Talk about INTENSE! 🤭Talk about Obsessed! 😍 Intense why? Because it demands CHANGE. And change is always hard. But as you know... always soooo worth it. Obsessed why? Because we are getting obsessed with being the best version of ourselves we can possibly be. Inside and outside. We, along with the others we are blessed to be sharing this with, are dedicated to the change... to making a difference not only in our own lives, but the lives of others. What a gift! And what a joy to be surrounded with some incredible amazing like minded people who want nothing but the best for each other. Couldn't we all use a little more of that right now??? 😀 So to all of our Fit Family members who are dedicated to making the change... here's a change up: FLEX SATURDAY! Stand in your power today and share your flex below. If I missed you... it is NOT ON PURPOSE... share no matter what!!! Make that bold statement that YOU are going to make a difference today!

32 Days ago

Getting OBSESSED starting today! 🤪🤣😊 Before and After photos taken... measurements done... groceries got... now comes the FUN! Freakin thrilled and honoured to be starting a brand new fitness journey today with some wickedly cool clients and fiercely fiery coaches! 80 days... a different workout every single day Timed nutrition to get max results And surrounded with like minded people who are going to keep me accountable and stay on track! THATS THE X-FACTOR!! Anyone can say they are gonna start... Anyone can say that this is the year they get serious... But do you have someone in your corner making sure you do? That’s the difference maker and that is what will give you the change you want!! Boom!!! So here is to my fellow coaches and clients who are making ZERO EXCUSES starting today!!! We are in this together friends!!! We got this!!! And to you? On the sidelines? NOT TOO LATE!! It is never too late. Join us!!! Your journey can begin with one single message! Send me one and let’s chat!!! Here we go!!! 💥💥🔥🔥❤️❤️

37 Days ago

Jump for joy!! It’s 2018!!! You ready to make this year... YOUR YEAR? Like really? Truly? Honestly? Your year? All in? No B.S.? Full commitment?? Let’s hear it Game Changers!! YES! LET’S!!!

51 Days ago

I won’t. It’s not in my DNA. I believe anything is possible. And I believe you can do it. I won’t quit. On you. Ever. Let’s make 2018 YOUR year. Message me. I’ll show you how.

54 Days ago

From our family to yours. Have a holly jolly one! Xo

58 Days ago

It’s beginning to look a lot like FLEXmas!! 🎁 Are you ready for the big day? Still have some things to do? Preparations still? Presents to wrap? Giving to do? Tree to trim? If so... don’t stress!! Stop. Breathe. Be grateful. Count your blessings ... and flex! Stand in your power and say I’VE GOT THIS! Why? Cause you do!! You totally freakin got this!! To our Fit Family and anyone else reading this post... much love to you and yours this holiday season... post your Christmas flex below!!! Have a holly jolly one folks!!! Xo R&C

61 Days ago

DO MORE OF WHAT YOU LOVE. What is that for you? Think about it... got it? Ya? THAT! Do more of that!! Life’s too freakin short to fuck around with dumb shit. 🤪🤪🤪

62 Days ago

Taking care of yourself is not selfish. It shows you care. Not just for yourself... but for those around you. If you are not at your best... how the hell are you suppose to help others?

63 Days ago

I keep my “last 5-10 pounds” on me. My last 5-10 pounds are: My late night tubs of ice cream with Carolyn at the conclusion of a date night... That special Sunday brunch that includes hollandaise sauce FOR SURE!! ... That impromptu burger date with my daughter because she needs to talk to her daddy... My favourite Cinnamon Bun in the whole wide world because I wanted something sweet... Those 5-10 pounds are some of my favourite memories, my special trips, my unforgettable memories... They are my spontaneity... my freedom... and my love. It took my awhile to get down to this 5-10... but it was worth every moment for how I feel overall. My energy level... my focus... my confidence... and my ability to keep up with my active life are off the charts. At 45... I feel 25! I would love to help you get down to your last 5-10.... and with the New Year coming up... I know you are going to make a resolution that says THIS IS THE YEAR. THE YEAR THAT I AM FINALLY GONNA TAKE CARE OF ME! So... why not try what worked for me? And has worked for hundreds of people I have helped along the way. Message me. Let’s chat. I’m here to help and I love what I do. Who knows... our conversation? It just might change your life. Wouldn’t that be cool?

64 Days ago

You are probably killing yourself in a job where if you dropped dead they would replace you in a week. So please... TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.

65 Days ago

Feeling those mountain vibes! 😊 Early workout... firing on all cylinders for a 2 Show day. There are many gimmicks... many fads... many trends that will come and go... there is only one that has stood the test of time: do the fucking work. There is no secret. No shortcut... there is you doing the work. Period. And taking sometime to breathe in that mountain air every once in awhile!

66 Days ago

You either sink or swim. Rise or fall. Live or die. You can start now...or you can keep fucking waiting for the right time. I choose to RISE! Real. Raw. Relevant. Results. Now.

67 Days ago

Holiday Flex! We are decking the halls and fa la la la laing YOU today! 🤪 ‘‘Tis the season to get OVERWHELMED... to not focus on what this time of year really means... so today? Throw all of that stressful shit to the way side and be GRATEFUL! Grateful for what you have... for the person you are... for committing to a stronger, better version of yourself every single day. Celebrate the AWESOME that is you. Post your flex below! Be proud! Get fired up! And share the love! This one is for you Fit Family! Xo R&C

68 Days ago