If he doesn’t make you laugh, ✌🏼👋🏼

2 Days ago

Sometimes all it takes is a walk around the block for a good photo shoot 💁🏻‍♀️♥️🏘

2 Days ago

Super excited to announce my BRAND NEW website, completely streamlined and redone. I wanted to make it beautiful, simple, and easy for you to navigate. ALSO! I just published a new blog about destination wedding discounts, and I wrote a little about something that’s been on my mind lately, so hopefully you’ll feel a little mid week inspiration. It’s short and sweet, so head to the blog and check out the site while you’re there! •link in bio•

4 Days ago

Hand on the face kisses are always my fav ♥️

4 Days ago

Oh my GOODNESS I have such puppy fever right now 😩😍 I need one! Which kind should I get? Who thinks their puppy is the most perfect puppy? 🐶❤️

11 Days ago

Is it May yet? I’m ready for sunshine, flowers, and their ^^^ wedding 👰🏼 💍☀️💐

11 Days ago

2018 is booking up and I’ve started booking 2019! Tag a newly engaged friend or send me a message with any questions, I’d love to talk!

12 Days ago

This girrrrl is going to be such a beautiful bride, I can’t wait to capture her and Tim’s West Michigan wedding!

13 Days ago

Tried my hand at double exposures for the first time, I can’t wait to practice more and get better!

16 Days ago

Helloooo, it’s me again, doing another #fridayintroductions! ❤️While some photographers might prefer to stay behind the camera, I LOVE getting in front of it, so I am always giving my friends my camera and making them take photos of me 💁🏻‍♀️ And I think it makes me a better photographer, because I know what it’s like being on the other end.

16 Days ago

I love tall trees but I need to climb some mountains... Where should I go?! 🌲⛰🌲

17 Days ago

It’s only been a couple weeks since I’ve photographed a couple but I’m have SERIOUS WITHDRAWALS. Having an off season is so strange. In the middle of the crazy busy season I always dream about winter days relaxing inside, and then it comes and I chill for a couple days, but I miss photographing people in love and I get stir crazy... So if you know anyone who got engaged over the holidays, send them my way! I even have a referral program so you’ll get something for helping us find each other!

18 Days ago

I don’t know why, but somehow this year I just don’t mind the snow... I was actually really excited that it was snowing for days and days leading up to Steve and Krysta’s engagement session! Pair snow with an adorable couple and it’s just all kinds of goodness 😍 (pls don’t quote me on this in March when I’m complaining about being cold) ❄️☃️

33 Days ago

Steve + Krysta 💕 Such troopers for walking around in the deep snow with me this afternoon! ❄️

35 Days ago

I used to love doing band photos when i first started photography. Weddings are more my thing now, but it was so fun getting a musician in front of my camera again! I’m down to branch out more in my off season, so get ahold of me, bands!

40 Days ago

Friday introductions! It’s been a minute since I’ve given you a peak at the girl behind the camera, so here we go! I’m Kellie, I watch The Office way too often and can drink my weight in coconut la croix in a single sitting. I don’t have a desire to be extremely wealthy, I just want to have enough money that I can afford to eat sushi every day. Is that too much to ask? if anyone knows of any good sushi making classes in or around Grand Rapids, I need to learn, because I can’t afford Maru every day... yet...

44 Days ago

Off season means more time to get out and shoot for fun 📷❄️

45 Days ago

I would say laughing and sun flares are in my top favorite things so naturally I love this photo ☀️

45 Days ago

Little girl, big flower 🌱🌺🌱

46 Days ago