Coffee: the best companion • • _______ I know it's been break, but I am still trying to mentally find myself. This past semester has taken a lot out of me, and so has break. This semester, however, I am taking only 10 credits, and am hopefully finding a part time job, and so being only 20 minutes away from downtown GR can possibly get my back into photography. • Just don't think I forgot about you guys, I'll be back😊

16 Days ago

Happy Birthday to this doll!🎉 It is always such a blast being with her, and shooting her is a breeeeze (something that made using balloons Friday very difficult..) Happy 20th, mi mejor amiga!💗

42 Days ago

Cotton candy skies☁️ • • • Just wanted to apologize for lack of posting... school has been busy as hell, but just know I'm thinking of you all!

77 Days ago