Messy hair day! That’s okay though because I’m gonna get dirty playing with all these toys!

2 Days ago

Loving my beautiful flowers 💐 happy Monday fur friends

5 Days ago

Dreaming about cookies and toys ❤️🐶

12 Days ago

It’s a beautiful day!!!🐶🙌

15 Days ago

Happy Sunday fur friends! I’m excited to share this with you! Because of how much you have all Inspired me, I created this website where with every item purchased, I donate an item of your choosing to a local shelter to help improve the lives of shelter animals! Please take a look at my website and DM me with any questions you have! LOVE YOU ALL ❤️🐶❤️

20 Days ago

Keep calm and party on! Happy Friday everyone! Hope you are all as exited as me for the weekend ❤️🙌👑

22 Days ago

Anyone wanna play some catch?! 🏈 ❤️🐶

24 Days ago

Relaxing today 😌 I hope everyone had an amazing and fun filled weekend

26 Days ago

10 things you didn’t know about me! 1. I am 9 years old 😘 2. I’m afraid of the squeaky things in toys so I play with mommy’s stuffed animals instead 3. I HATE the cold 🙈 4. I LOVE when mommy mixes in wet food with my dry food 🤤 5. I love sleeping in mommy’s bed 🛏 6. I love when mommy does laundry because I bundle up in all the warm clothes when they come out of the dryer ❤️ 7. I HATE vegetables. The only ones I like are sweet bell peppers 🌶 8. My favorite color is red 9. My favorite 3 words are “walk” “cookie” and “night night” 10. I want to give back to other animals that need rescuing, and that’s why I have created @baegivesback Check out the link in my bio ❤️ LOVE YOU ALL. I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little more! Happy FriYAY

29 Days ago

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our fur friends out there!! You are all so loved! ❤️🌹❤️🐶❤️

31 Days ago

Who else hates Monday’s.. 😂😡🐶

33 Days ago

Jumping into the weekend like...

35 Days ago

So Sleepy 😴💤 can I please go back to bed?

37 Days ago

SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!!!! Who is everyone cheering for? 🏈

41 Days ago

There’s nothing better than sleeping in on saturdays ... except maybe cookies 🍪

42 Days ago

Happy Thursday fur friends!!! Have a beautiful day 💋

44 Days ago

Big smiles today for all my fur friends 🐶🤗😁

46 Days ago