Transformed. My man Tarzan takes the W. Thanks for the big tip, and thanks to everyone else for the support. 💯

17 Hours ago

HAIRCURS ARE NOW 5$ PLUS TIP 💈✂️Thanks for the support

2 Days ago

✂️👋🏻my boy has enemies. Text or DM for a free haircut

8 Days ago

Hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your virginity, Eric is on the loose with a fresh cut

17 Days ago

Good news: no need for an outlet anymore 🍆🤔👌🏻

24 Days ago

Chance went from "hi my names Chance" to "Hi my names Chance and I have a nice ass haircut". @chance.ford55

28 Days ago

Big transformation 🤔 This took forever... the clippers weren't cutting, but it turned out well. @ted_mcdonough

63 Days ago

Noah looking good (grey is the before).

66 Days ago

Christian looks like a real homie now. I'll try to get more before picks in the future

76 Days ago